TEENAGE HEAD - Electric Guitar

TEENAGE HEAD Electric guitar 1988 Fringe records 320 kbps
She rips my lips / Can't stop shakin' / The girl that radiates that charm / Teenage doll / Your sister uses to love me / Last time I'll be your fool / Everybody needs somebody / Full-time fool / Nightime in New York / You're the one I'm crazy for .
Produced by Teenage Head.
TEENAGE HEAD 1988 : Gordie "Lazy Legs" Lewis : guitar / Stephen Marshall : bass / Jack Pedler : drums / Dave Rave : vocals , guitar .

...In 1983, Teenage Head attempted to make the leap to an American major label, MCA, with the "Tornado EP" (that you can find on the POWERPOP CRIMINALS blog ), which played up their rockabilly roots. Jittery over the band's name, MCA forced them to remove the double entendre by changing to the Teenage Heads, and encouraged a more polished, mature approach that would appeal to radio programmers. The gambit failed miserably, and Teenage Head found themselves back in Canada on Ready Records, which issued the live album "Endless Party" in 1984. It marked the debut of longtime studio supporting player Dave Rave (born Dave DesRoches) as an official fifth member, on guitar and backing vocals. The group moved over to Rave's own Warpt label for 1985's "Trouble in the Jungle" ( posted on this blog ), which proved to be Stipanitz's swan song; he left immediately after the recording sessions were completed, resulting in a revolving-door drum slot for the next few years. Frankie Venom's increasing unreliability soon spelled his departure from the band as well, and Rave took over lead vocal duties starting with the 1987 EP " Can't Stop Shakin' ". The full-length Electric Guitar, issued on Fringe Product in 1988, effectively closed the curtain on Teenage Head's career; it also featured a guest appearance on guitar by Daniel Lanois.
We are still awaiting the new Teenage Head ...

As always Max has done the artwork !

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TEENAGE HEAD: Electric guitar 320 kbps + a cool artwork done by MAX !

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The next & last Teenage Head post will be the live lp "Endless party" .

Enjoy it !

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bonjour, tout d'abord bravo pour le "STEVE HOOKER" bel amalgame de morceaux et magniiiiiiiifiiiiiique pochette!!!!!!!
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Merci Thierry pour tous vos renseignements!
Je connais le post de ocanadarm : ce que j'aurais aimé trouver en plus du lp sorti chez Rave up : c'est des cd ! Le groupe en a sorti 2 ou 3 !

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Hi Juan
I will repost all the Teenage Head links...

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