THE HUNCHBACKS Play To Lose cd 1995
Play To Lose / Frustration / Go My Way / Inside Looking Out / No Mans Land / Want, Need, Love / Down In The Basement.
Produced By John 'Casino' Spittles.
The Hunchbacks: M. Bannerman: bass / J. South: guitar / M. Klarenaar: guitar / C. Ekman: vocals, harp / B. Moore: drums.
Excellent seven track EP of raw rock n roll tunes from a Sydney band who combine the best elements of Detroit style rock (Stooges, Birdman, etc...) with 60's garage punk. Along with Asteroid B.612 these guys are the best of this style in the land. It seems like the Melbourne equivalents - Sunset Strip, Powder Monkeys, Hoss, Freeloaders... - have all gone quiet of late. Check out the improved variety, particularly on the adrenalin fuelled opening track "Play to Lose". Richard, 1997, Form Guide Magazine, Issue 45
Sydney band The Hunchbacks have turned out a ripper of an EP, with this 'Play to Lose', which is made up of original Hunchbacks tracks and covers of some of their faves. Of these, The Hunchbacks do rockin' covers of the Animals' 'Inside Looking out', Syd Barrett's 'No Man's Land', The Black Diamond's 'Want, Need, Love' and the final track 'Down in the Basement' is their music and The What For's words. Phew! Those four songs which are Hunchbacks songs nod at bands such as those mentioned, as well as a whole host of 60's garage/surf/rock bands and then move on to produce their own style of full throttle, hip swingin', finger snappin', foot stompin' tunes. 'Down in the Basement' was my fave, with frontman Carl Ekman's harp playing adding that extra zap that makes me feel like I've been shakin' my booty and tossin' my hair even though I've been sitting down type this. Annette, 1996, Punter's Club Form Guide Magazine, Issue 96
Of course, MMM and Gold play 'classic rock". Sydney's The Hunchbacks - who were in town last week for a couple of shows - also play classic rock, but it's a different brand. If you dig the Rifles, Birdman and early Saints, you'll dig this, too. The Hunchbacks' debut album is called Can't Help Feeling. Should be a busy year for The Hunchbacks, who have been together for more than five years. They have demoed 16 songs for a second album, they have done a video for The Dog from Can't Help Feeling, and they are involved in a couple of tribute albums. They recorded Virginia (a track originally done by Perth band The Bamboos) for Storming The Citadel, a tribute to Citadel Records, being put together by French label Divine Rites. And Perth label Spinning Top Records is doing a Real Kids tribute. The Hunchbacks have recorded 'Bad To Worse'
J. Jenkins, 1999, 'Can't fight this feeling', Inpress Magazine.

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The Hunchbacks: "Play To Lose" cd 1995

"...The Hunchbacks started off with more idea of what type of music we dug than actually how to play it. Years later not much has changed except there's more types of music we dig now. Carl (vocals and bass) and I started off a band just after school called The Buzzards and not much later John (guitar) and Brad (drums) joined. We've been a four-piece (two guitars, bass and drums) for about a year or so, and were a five-piece before that for a few years. The Hunchbacks have released one other album besides the latest one "Rockin' Chair" called "Can't Help Feeling" and also an EP called "Play To Lose", besides being on a stack of tribute compilation albums of various flavours..." M. "Klarry" Klarenaar I-94 Bar

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