STRUTTER - Motherfuckers From The Bowels Of Hell

STRUTTER Motherfuckers From The Bowels Of Hell cd 1999
The Best / Nancy's Boots / I Don't Give A Fuck / Breaks My Soul / Gimme Some Coke / New Hate Song / Hot Rocks / Open Up And Bleed.
Recorded & Mixed by J. Lovejoy
Strutter: Stevie" Hell Cool" Cooper: keys / Whitey Maggot: bass / Gutterball Pete: lead guitar / Troy The God Of Chunder: guitar / DICK: vocals / Satan: drums.
Brisbane's Strutter are about as rawkus as you get. They have been banned from just about every inner city venue. The reason? Well put simply, Strutter don't give a fuck about anyone elses rules. When they come to a venue to play a show the one thing on their mind is drinking. Oh Yeah!, they also sometimes think about rock and roll. Their debut release 'Motherfucker From The Bowels Of Hell' captures Strutter at the drunk, dirty best. It is 100% unrelenting trash. Taking notes from MC5, The Stooges and more contemporary bands such as Gluecifer and The Hellacopters, Strutter add something very unique to what they play. Their histoiry began about two years ago when five guys wanted to find a good excuse to get together and drink. What excuse could be better than starting a band. Since that time they have won over crowd after crowd with their brash trash punk. They scare some people and make other wet themselves with excitement. Love them of hate them Strutter are here to make some noise, so dig in! Source
STRUTTER "Motherfuckers from the Bowels of Hell" (Stereo Hog) Light up the pipe, pop a beer and keep on rockin'!! STRUTTER rocks hard with their alco-soaked, demented rock'n roll, closely related to our very own TURBONEGRO. Songs like "I don't give a Fuck" and "Gimme some Coke" is perfect for any worn out, retarded metal brain who for some moments just want to get away from all bombastic arrangements, brutal growling or hellpaced guitar riffing and, well, just don't give a fuck... This is as back to the basics (and then some) as it can be, and in all it's glorious, laidback, innocent simplicity STRUTTER delivers half and hour of no nonsense, straight forward rock'n roll. Source

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STRUTTER "Motherfuckers From The Bowels Of Hell" cd 1999

Brisbane band Strutter play fucked-up in the gutter rock ‘n’ roll and are no doubt inspired by the likes of The New York Dolls and Iggy & The Stooges. Fans of bands like The New Bomb Turks and Zeke will find a lot to like here as the band rip through such classics as Nancy’s Boots, Don’t Give A Fuck and Gimmie Some Coke and finish with an appropriately chaotic version of The Stooges Open Up And Bleed. My only criticism is that lead singer Dick needs to work on his singing if Strutter want to take their music to the next level in order to match it with the best. However, with Satan filling in on drums, it shouldn’t take Strutter long to conquer the world! Pop On Top

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Hi, thx for Strutter. Is there any password for that file ? Can't unzip...thanks.

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c'est quoi cette histoire
de password ?

sesame ouvre toi ??

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la classe ! merci mr rambler !

rock on !


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Et hop , un austral (oh !!) de plus .... la classe quoi ! Merci Mr midnight !! Ready pour la rentré avec ce genre de bourrins !!

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Aah the 90's-00's in Brisbane. Strutter were the shit.
The gig they did in drag where the Mitre 10 in Elizabeth St is has damaged me beyond repair.
It is a shame their 2nd disc "Knee Deep In Sluts" did not make it into the public

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Great stuff! Love it!
Thanks Midnight Rambler - great blog!