KEVIN K. BAND - Oriental Nights

KEVIN K. BAND Oriental Nights cd 2000
Fire It Up / Melody / Too Fast To Live / Hook Me Up / Time Don't Wanna Tell / Blame It On Mom / Disappointed In You / Crime Scene / She / La Vida Loca / Teen Suicide Story / Too Much Junkie Business / Chinese Rocks / Too Fast To Live / Hook Me Up / OK Tonight / Lives Up On A Hill / Just Another Girl / Bad Moon Rising.
Kevin K Band: Kevin K: guitar, lead vocals / Ricky Rat: guitar, vocals / Toni Romeo: bass, vocals / Karl Durden: drums.
To introduce the subject of Kevin K. we must go deep inside the history of the New York City rockin roll. Itself the glam era of the New York Dolls and Heartbreakers. Kevin plays in his first group Aunt Helen in 1978. Then it will be The Toys who later will become the New Toys. They will open many shows for Romantics, Dirty Looks, Ramones, Pat Benatar, Sylvain Sylvain, The Fast, Talas and Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers. While livin' at 89 Bleecker Street in NYC. Kevin and brother Alan will play in The Lone Cowboys from 1983 till 1988. Both brothers are found in the Road Vultures from 1989 till 1994 developing and approfonding a songwriting marrying pleasure. The Vultures again open many shows for, Sylvain Sylvain and Jerry Nolan, Dee Dee Ramone, The Waldos and Cheetah Chrome. In 1995 Kevin tries his chance in solo with the album "Nightlife". The first in a very long series. The death of Kevins brother Alan in 1996 causes him a radical change in his way of approaching life and the myth of rockin' roll. He will be devoted from now on entirely to the music. Then its like a rain of albums....Kevin is a true survivor and a hero to beat down rockin' roll romantics the world over. He's not young or good looking, so dont look for him on the cover of Glammer magazine... Kevin has been around forever and possesses the tenacity of a cockroach. Source
Whats in store for Mr K.?
The Kevin K life story is in book form "Kevin K ..How To Become A Succseessful Loser" On Kicking Records (you can get it HERE).
Just finished is "Tramp Stamp" his 21st release (pre-order HERE!). It will be released on September 11, 2012 on Circumstancial Records.
And in September Kevin came back to defend the Rock'n'Roll against all its trouble makers in France, Swiss and Spain. He'll share the stage with some of the best rock soldiers: Ritchie Buzz (Last Brigade), Laur Bomb (Sparkling Bombs, Ricky Rat Pack & the man behind Veglam...with Franckie of course) and Ricky Rat (Trash Brats, Ricky Rat Pack).
Come and party with them at:
06.09 FRANCE - Paris @ TBA
07.09 FRANCE - Lannion @ Les Valseuses
08.09 FRANCE - Rennes @ Mondo Bizarro
09.09 FRANCE - Honfleur @ Le Batolune w/SIMON CHAINSAW
10.09 FRANCE - Besançon @ Les Passagers du Zinc
11.09 SUISSE - Genève @ L'Ecurie
12.09 FRANCE - St Etienne @ Thunderbird
13.09 FRANCE - Albi @ Le Jour de Fête
14.09 FRANCE - Périgueux @ L'Ecume des Jours
15.09 FRANCE - Mont de Marsan @ Théâtre du Péglé
16.09 FRANCE - Pau @ TBA
17.09 SPAIN - TBA
18.09 SPAIN - TBA
19.09 SPAIN - Alcala de Henares @ El Sueno del Lola
20.09 SPAIN - Madrid @ TBA
21.09 SPAIN - Irun @ TBA
22.09 FRANCE - Nîmes @ Country Rock

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Kevin K. Band: "Oriental Nights"
cd, 2000

A musician for 40 years. With 25 cds , dvds and a new book "How To Become A Successful Loser" Kevin has seen it all and fall...Join the Kevin K. Army now....before its to late !!

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09.09 FRANCE - Honfleur @ Le Batolune w/SIMON CHAINSAW

la classe cette date

ratboy69 a dit…

Damn it! Pas une seule date près de la frontière Belge.:-((

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bruxelles / honfleur

FRANCE - Honfleur @ Le Batolune w/SIMON CHAINSAW


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kevin k a mont de marsan hier soir de la bombe des mecs adorables et accessibles