JACOBITES - Old Scarlett

JACOBITES Old Scarlett cd 1995
Over & Over / When Angels Die / Falling Apart / Down On My Own / Boutique / What Am I Living For? / Puppeteer's Son / Liquor, Guns & Ammo / Love's Cascade / Penicillin / The Rolling Of The Hearse / Wasted.
Produced by Dave Kusworth & Nikki Sudden
Jacobites: Dave Kusworth, Nikki Sudden: vocals & guitars / Carl Eugene Picôt: bass / Mark Williams: drums & percussion / Glenn Tranter: guitars / Terry Miles: organ hammond, piano.
Following the breakup of the seminal British post-punk outfit Swell Maps, frontman Nikki Sudden embarked on a solo career, then concurrently formed a new band called the Jacobites. Far more classicist than Swell Maps had been, the Jacobites gave Sudden a chance to exercise his penchant for straightforward, elegantly wasted rock & roll, drawing chiefly from the Stones and the Faces while adding elements of singer/songwriter rock (Neil Young, Bob Dylan) and crunchy British glam (T. Rex, Mott the Hoople, David Bowie). Having issued his solo debut in 1982, Sudden formed the Jacobites in 1984 with his brother, ex-Swell Maps drummer Epic Soundtracks, and guitarist Dave Kusworth. Bassist Mark Lemon rounded out the charter lineup, and the group made their debut LP with a self-titled effort on the indie label Glass in 1984; they also released an EP, "Shame for the Angels", that year. A second album, "Robespierre's Velvet Basement", appeared in 1985 and was something of a critical and underground success. Originally slated to be a double LP, it spawned another album's worth of outtakes from the sessions, which were released on a German label as Lost in a Sea of Scarves. Soundtracks left later in 1985 to join Crime & the City Solution, an offshoot of the Birthday Party. Two more Jacobites EPs "Pin Your Heart to Me" and "When the Rain Comes" appeared before guitarist Kusworth left the group in early 1986 to pursue a solo career. Although Sudden kept the Jacobites name for his shifting backing group for several years afterward, for all intents and purposes they were no longer the Jacobites in spirit. Nonetheless, the 1986 compilation "The Ragged School" introduced their music to American audiences when it was released on Twin/Tone at the urging of Paul Westerberg, and another compilation, 1988's "Fortune of Fame", further enhanced their reputation. In 1993, with plenty more solo releases under his belt, Nikki Sudden reunited with Dave Kusworth in a new version of the Jacobites proper, which also included guitarist Glenn Tranter, bassist Carl Eugene Picôt, and drummer Mark Williams. A flurry of releases on small labels followed (1994's "Howling Good Times", 1995's "Old Scarlett"and "Heart of Hearts", 1996's "Kiss of Life") which were scarcely available in the U.S. and more popular with mainland Europe than the band's native U.K. The garage rock label Bomp issued the reunited Jacobites' fifth album, "God Save Us Poor Sinners", in the U.S. in 1998, and in 2002, the Secretly Canadian indie label began to reissue the Jacobites' early output as well. Source

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Jacobites: "Sarlett" cd 1995

"...The Jacobites were a more traditional, song-oriented outfit than the Swell Maps had been. Sudden and Kusworth were both strongly influenced by The Faces,
Bob Dylan, glam rock, and, most vitally, The Rolling Stones — their open worship of the group (Kusworth's entire body of work would later be described as
"A tear-stained meeting of Johnny Thunders' 'You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory', the Rolling Stones' 'Wild Horses', and Neil Young's 'Down by the River'
wrapped in scarves, bound up in leather pants, and shrouded by cigarette smoke", while Sudden called the Stones "the best band there has ever been" and was
working on a Ronnie Wood bio at the time of his death), combined with their velvet-and-scarves style of dressing and their girls-and-drugs style of living,
made for a natural comparison with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards..."

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for posting this! I love the Jacobites as well as Nikki, Epic and Dave Kusworth's solo efforts.

I got to see Nikki in New York just a couple of weeks before he passed on. I was very grateful that he was willing to chat with me before his set and took the opportunity to ask him how many times he'd seen T.Rex in concert. I can't remember the exact figure but it was well over two dozen, that's for sure! Funnily enough, when I asked him how many times he'd seen the Faces he told me never had...


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf a dit…

Cheers for this MR.

AntonioR a dit…

Muchas Gracias por Jacobites-Old Scarlett; llevaba tiempo detrás de este disco. Thanks for posting it!

DEE DEE a dit…

This is very good as usual!
White Trash Soul, another excellent blog issued in May some reflections on Johnny Thunders by the great lost Nikki Sudden, and it's worth the reading for any Jacobites or Thunders Fan. Thanks a lot.

Anonyme a dit…

Huge Thanks For This Album !!!
I Was Nikki's Friend,I Hosted Him Many Times In My Flat,Alone And With Dave Too And I Can Say,He Was A Real Gentleman And A Real Rocker n Roller For Sure !!!
An Adorable Guy For Those Who Knew Him In Person.