RICHARD TAYLOR - Beyond Vanity

RICHARD TAYLOR Beyond Vanity cd 1990
Too Little Too Late - Beyond Vanity - I've Already Said Goodbye - Roxene - What The Breeze Cried - Afraid Of Love - The Taming Of A Rainbow / Diamonds And Roses - The Loneliest Time - Comin' Home To Me / Time For Cryin' / Shake To Dance.
Produced by Richard Taylor.
R. Taylor: lead vocals, Lead & rhythm guitars, harmonica / R. DeOlivares: guitar / R. Rossbach & J. Lambert: bass & back-up vocals / J. Sines, Z. Taylor & B. Finley: drums.
"Richard Taylor is a sharp guitar player whose chunky rhythm style is as gritty as vintage Keith Richards' "
"Taylor himself possesses a flawless instinct for roadhouse rockin'. Reminiscent of a straight right hand from Marvin Hagler, the smokin' guitarmanship and sharp melodic hooks jump out and slap you right on the chin."
"An American roots rock band with a crisp and aggressive sound.
Richard Taylor is having fun, and that spirit of rock n' roll emerges."
"Nuts-and-bolts rock n' roll."
"Guitar driven' Roots Rock and alt Country/Blues twang from the East Coast.Two Guitars, Bass, and Drums, period."
"When roots rock is done right, however, like Jason & the Scorchers or Pete Berwick or Steve Earle, it's a joy to hear, molding a half-century of rock, country and blues into an invigorating elixir of sound. Add Richard Taylor to the short list of musicians who "get it" all right..." Source
"...In 1990 "Beyond Vanity" was Taylor's fifth album in the last eight years. All have been on small, independent record labels, this latest on Run Wild Records.
A carpenter on the side, Taylor joked that he "thinks music full time, but only earns part time"from it.The music bug bit him when he was 14, he said, and hasn't let go. His repertoire includes 150 to 200 songs, many unfinished, that he works on during "dry" spells." Source
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RICHARD TAYLOR: "Beyond Vanity" cd 1990

"Bar-tested guitar hooks and cleverly twisted lyrics"

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Excellent surprise! I didn't know Mr Taylor at all! Great stuff! Thank you SOTD!

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Merci beaucoup pour ce post !!!

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