THE INMATES - In The Heat Of The Night EP

THE INMATES In The Heat Of The Night EP cd EP 1998
(I Thought I Heard A) Heartbeat / Shape I'm In / Hey Landlord.
Produced by Pat Collier.
Recorded live in "Le Plan", France, April 1998
The Inmates: B. Donnelly: bass / E. Edwards: drums / B. Hurley: vocals, harmonica / T. Oliver: guitars, vocals / P. Gunn: guitar, vocals.

In 1998 The Inmates was touring in France . They recorded "In The heat Of The Night", their second official live album (the first with Bill Hurley on vocals) at "Le Plan" (in the of Paris) in April 1998. "In The Heat Of the Night" is a good live album: it's pub rock played at his high level !!!
The french version on Last Call Records contains fifteen tunes but a free cd EP with three more songs was offered in the shops. This three songs can be found on the japanese version.
Thanks to Hervé !

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THE INMATES "In The Heat Of The Night EP" cd ep, 1998

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merci SOTD 'nRV


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Thanks for another Inmates album. Appreciated.