THE CRYBABYS - What Kind Of Rock 'n' Roll ?

THE CRYBABYS What Kind Of Rock 'n' Roll ? 2xcd 2003
CD 1: I Ain't Your Crybaby (Boo Hoo) / Lightning Strikes / Thin Ice (Don't Ever Coz It Wouldn't Be Clever) / No Justice In Love /
Crawling Over Your Doormat / Sad Souvenir / Hijack Your Heart / Who Were You Thinking Of* / Li'l Miss Paradise / Operator* /
Black Train* / Fucked Up / What Kind of Rock 'n' Roll ?
CD 2: Where Have All the Good Girls Gone ? / You Don't Have to Wear Boots to Be a Cowboy (But You've Gotta Leave Your Horse Outside) / This Is What We Want / She Didn't Like Rock and Roll / Remember to Forget / Lovin' What's Left / Go Go Girl / Money / European Girls / Too Hot to Last / When You Leave Me Baby, Can I Come Too / Where Have All the Good Girls Gone ? (single version)° / Letter (live)° / Crimson And Clover (live)° / Walking the Dog (live)°. °Bonus tracks
Recorded at Airwave Studios & Greenhouse Studios, London, England between 1990 & 1991.
Live tracks recorded at Villa Nellcote, France, 1991.
THE CRYBABYS: H. J. Plain: guitars / D. Bath: vocals, guitar / J. Cooper & M. Duncan: bass / R. Rushton: drums, percussion
+ V. Ritchie: drums & Jools: bass on*.
The Crybabys' main claim to fame is that they are led by Honest John Plain, who once was guitarist for the Boys. They play good-time rock & roll with a drunk and woozy feeling that places them in the same ballpark as such other fine, long-haired, bandanna-sporting bands as Dogs d'Amour and the Rock City Angels. This collection on Castle compiles the Crybabys' first record, 1990's "Where Have All the Good Girls Gone", which featured songs like "Hijack Your Heart," "Crawling Over Your Doorstep," and "Fucked Up," titles that pretty much speak for
themselves. Deep thought, no. Rockin' good times, yes. The second record was slated to be released in 1992, but the label didn't like it and the band never really recovered from the blow. Now, over a decade later, the record is reissued here. "What Kind of Rock 'n' Roll?" is the same kind of straight-ahead Jack Daniels-swigging rock that the first album was. Maybe the label wanted the band to sound more like Oasis. That's the story of rock & roll -- the honest, hard-working bands always get shut down by the man. Oh well, at least fans of the Crybabys' can hear it now in all of its lunkheaded glory. The disc also contains the single version of "Where Have All the Good Girls Gone" produced by lunkhead-in-arms Jim Lea of Slade and three live tracks recorded in France in 1991. Allmusic

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THE CRYBABYS: "What Kind Of Rock 'n' Roll ?" 2xcd 2003

Stay tuned ! Soon the rare mini lp of the Mannish Boys (pre Crybabys)!

Anonyme a dit…

Nice post! great band! I already own this along with the other two albums but I dont have the Manish boys yet! Thx!!

roberto a dit…

Thanks,still have the first album and the single,not good as the Boys but some good songs,and i've had a tape of the Mannish Boys long time ago,curious to hear how it sounds today...great post!

Rockandre a dit…

Great band! Thank you! I used to have the Mannish Boys' mini LP issued on Jean Cataldo's label Losers Records. It is a great record! Can't wait,Mr. MR!!!

Rockandre a dit…
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Anonyme a dit…

Do you have the album by Shanghai'd Guts - "Out Of Tune" ??? The sound is in the vein of The Crybabys , The Dogs d'amour, Quireboys.

Anonyme a dit…

Do you have the rest of the discography by Crybabys in flac format???

kriss kaos a dit…

pourrait re-télécharger cet album?