LIBERTINE - Guttersnipe Glamour

SINGLES: LIBERTINE Guttersnipe Glamour ep 1999 wav
1 If wishes were horses / 2 Somebody Got Murdered / 3 Two Steps Slow / 4 Kamikaze.
1 Produced by M. Hunt, Belvy & Jamie - 2 Produced by Drew M & Rude-a - 3 Produced by R. Sanzo - 4 Produced by Bobcat.
Libertine: Belvy K.: vocals / J. Coville: guitar / P. Vincent: bass / J. Splits: guitar / T. Kramer: drums.
New York glam-punks Libertine were led by frontman Belvy K, previously a member of 7 Seconds, UK Subs and D Generation. Guitarists Jamie Coville and Bobcat, bassist Pete and drummer Corey Koniz completed the band's early lineup, which made its debut on the Buffalo stop of the 1997 Warped Tour; Bobcat and Pete were replaced by guitarist J. Splits and bassist P. Lent in time for Libertine's debut EP, 1998's "Rise Above". The single "Left for Dead" soon followed, and in late 1999 the group released the full-length "See You in the Next Life"; the follow-up EP "Guttersnipe Glamour" was recorded with new drummer S. Maicior. Allmusic

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