LA SECTA - It's A Wild Weekend

LA SECTA It's A Wild Weekend cd 1993 320 kbps
Back To The Jungle / Kill-A-Cop / Wha Wha / No Advices / We Get What We Deserve / Wild Weekend / Break My Boy / Take A Guru Trip / Want Sin / Fuck Ya Please / Black Hair.
Produced by Chips K.
La Secta: Roper: guitars / Pablo: guitars / Gorka: vocals / Josetxo: bass / Alberto: drums.
"...Spain might seem to be getting pretty far out on a limb for rock and roll to most people, but if you track these things you might be aware that there are some cool bands there and some really good fanzines; the group of people into good rock and roll is pretty small, but the people in that group are really into it. La Secta's singer Gorka P. is one of those fanatics...aside from his role as frontman for what is probably Spain's best band, he also is one of the driving forces behind the cool Spanish fanzine "La Herencia De Los Munster". He's a rabid Scientists fan, and in fact put out an entire magazine devoted to the Australian grunge kings. Love of the Scientists is apparent in La Secta's music; there's a dark and brooding grunge feel to it, but there's also elements of the Stooges and more traditional rock and roll as well. Never the less, La Secta will never be considered a straight rock and roll band; there's something definitely twisted about them in the same way that the Scientists were twisted... Source NFH Zine

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LA SECTA "It's A Wild Weekend" 320 kbps + covers

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Anonyme a dit…

dubelouvrage bravo MrRambler
no comment in french or spanish ??
it's a long way to the top !!!!

roky rock !!!!!

garage 66 & mojo repair shop a dit…

excellent album! Very Scientists like-which I like very much.

Anonyme a dit…

Greetings from Mondragon(Near Bilbo)

Anonyme a dit…

Greetings from Bilbao (Near Mondragón)

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks man.La secta were great!