CLASSIC RUINS - Lassie Eats Chicken

CLASSIC RUINS Lassie Eats Chicken lp/cd 1986/2006
Room Starts Spinning / I Can't Spell Romance / He's Got It / Roman Fingers / Rocco's Wake / Geraldine I Need Money / Labatt's / Response & Sustain / You're Aces With Me / Let's Get Dull* / The Madison / Record Time / Down & Out / This Means War / Hedda Humma / Ruins Cafe / Hurt That Way / I'm A Wimp / How Do You Know?
Produced by Classic Ruins & G. Hookailo except * produced by Classic Ruins & J. Dufour & ° produced by F. Rowe.
Classic Ruins: F. Rowe: vocals, guitar, harmonica / C. Biancucci: bass guitar / P. Nardone: drums + B. Borgioli: guitar, vocals / T. "TK" Keenan: guitar / K. Glasheen: drums / Randall: bass guitar.
Formed in 1978 by Frank Rowe (ex Baby's Arm) and Billy Borgioli (ex Real Kids), Boston's Classic Ruins were rootsy rockers "with proto punk and garage undertones". If they sound like they share the same sensibility as the Real Kids it’s probably because their original line-up included half of that band. F. Rowe, however is the main man of the band (with C. Biancucci on bass and P. Nardone on drums), and has proved as enduring an artist as Beantown compatriots Willie Alexander and Jeff Conolly. The Classic Ruins recorded their first single “1+1>2/ Nyquil Stranger” in 1980 on Ace Of Hearts records( Infliktors, Neighborhoods, the Lyres...).The band moved later to Throbbing Lobster records for their first LP “Lassie Eats Chickens” followed in 1989 by "Ruins Café" another lp on the french label New Rose. 2006 saw the 20th anniversary of "Lassie Eats Chicken" with the album being released on CD for the first time with eextra cuts (buy it here!).
Ex-Commandos/Ballbusters guitarist Jeff Crane was added on second guitar. The band is still alive today, "playing their garage punk as if on stage at the Rat".
Billy is still playing with the Varmints & a new cd is due soon!
Carl Biancucci is also playing with the excellent Jumper Cables : check their Myspace , this guys know how to rock !

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CLASSIC RUINS "Lassie Eats Chicken"

Boston rock at his best!

You can buy it here:

Anonyme a dit…

Merci pour ce témoignage de la scène de Boston. Real Rock !!!

Anonyme a dit…

They're really rockin in Boston!!! Pour sur, les albums des 80's sont là pour l'assurer et tous ces gars jouent encore tuff!!
Je ne connaissais pas leur version de "How do you know" Merci


Stay tuned for more Boston rock !

Anonyme a dit…

WOW!!!! I've been living in Boston since the mid-80's, in and out of lots of bands, and the Ruins were always awesome! I used to see leader Frank Rowe all the time at the art supply store he used to work at, and my ad agency used, and later worked with his late, and lovely wife Denise...a truer rock and roll guy and great fella you could rarely find, and the guys still pops out now and then! thanks much!! jim

Jacques_ a dit…

The Classic Ruins are still active, Franck is an awesome artist and Carl bass lines are amazing, the true trademark of the band. Billy Borgioli is back with a new line-up of the Varmints which can be considered as the brother band to the Classic Ruins as Franck used to play with them too. It should be great to have The Varmints compilation CD here...


Thanks for comments !
@ Jacques:
Bravo pour le JOJOBLOG ! J'aime beaucoup et j'écoute encore tout ce qu'il fait !
Varmints cd here:

Jacques_ a dit…

There is a perfect song on the Ruins second LP "Ruins cafe" which depicts memories of the Boston scene, "Lullabye for Boomland".

J'attends avec plaisir les autres temoignages du Boston golden age que tu annonces. ce que j'aimerais c'est Devotions avec John Felice, les Neighbourhoods, Nervous Eaters, AfriKa Korps, Hopeless Obscure, Johnny and the Jumper cables, Kenne Highland Klan


On va poster "Ruins Café" d'ici l'été (plus de boulot sur les lps)... Afrika Korps viendra aussi!
John Felice & The Lowdowns ( links in comments):
Real Kids: "Down To you":
Real Kids: All Kindsa Girls
Real Kids: St
A Tribute to the Real Kids:
Neighborhoods: Hoodwinked:
VA The Wasted Years (Ace of Hearts compil):
sur Powerpop Criminals :
Taxi Boys 7" Taxi Boys 12":
The Neighborhoods: Fire is Coming + The High Hard One

Traînent aussi sur le blog Willie Loco,
Dogmatics, Lyres, etc ...

A suivre ...

schoub a dit…

super album, merci!!!!

J'ai une requete, je sais que cela ne se fait pas trop dans des commentaires, mais là c'est vraiment en desespoir de cause... aussi si quelqu'un peut m'aider et me rendre ce service, ce serait tip top.

Je recherche un rip de l'album des Shady Lady (Raving Mad) sorti en vinyl limité il y a à peu près 5 ou 6 ans sur l'excellent label italien Rave Up. C'est pas que je ne veux pas l'acheter, mais je ne le trouve plus. Aussi si quelqu'un pouvait le mettre en ligne, je lui en serait vraiment reconnaissant.
Merci d'avance!!!


@ schoub:
Drôle de coïncidence ! J'ai commandé l'album il y a peu mais le vendeur vient de me rembourser (encore un qui bosse sans stock!!!)...
Pour Rave Up Records: si tu n'achètes pas les lps dans les mois qui suivent , c'est pratiquement mission impossible de les dénicher ensuite à des prix décents (quand ils apparaissent à la vente)!
Le problème se pose avec le lp des Heaters, le "Criminal Guitar" des Brats et d'autres ...
Rave Up Records tire à peu d'exemplaires et sans rééditions apparemment, un choix compréhensible à l'heure actuelle.
Si quelqu'un a l'album et veut bien le ripper, welcome !

Anonyme a dit…

Ca va,rockers!
Billy Borgioli has not retired from playing.
He leads his band The Varmints
(Frank & I are former members,and I still play with them live sometimes).
They have a new CD coming out soon!

Carl Biancucci
Classic Ruins/Johnny & The Jumper Cables


Hi Carl
Thanks for the comments !
Thanks to give us all this good rock'n'roll with the Classic Ruins , The Varmints & now with The Jumper Cables!
I don't know the Jumper Cables ... sure that I will check !
We are also waiting for the new Varmints cd !


The Jumper Cables:

Check it here:

Excellent !!!

Dimaension X a dit…

I just saw these guys saturday night (02/19/2011) at Ralphs Chadwick Square Diner in Woostah', MA. - yeah, the bassist (known around here as "Noodles") was incredible. The whole night was a bunch of New England "garage-punk-rock" classics - Classic Ruins, the Lab Rats, GO! (they were more blues-rock), Time Beings, and Musclecah'.

I didn't realize they've been around that long. Though there was a lot of grey hair on stage and in the crowd (my own included).

Bruce McDonald a dit…

Great to see The Ruins get any attention anywhere. BTW, their debut single A-side's full title is "1+1>2".


Fixed! Thanks Bruce !