VA - Pelado Records Presents "3 Minute Heroes"

VA Pelado Records Presents "3 Minute Heroes" cd 2002 320 kbps
THE DIMESTORES HALOES: Saturday / AMERICAN HEARTBREAK: Postcards From Hell / THE RITCHIE WHITES: Too Late To Die Young / THE ENDS: Mistake / THE STARVATIONS: The Strongest Man / THE CONFESSIONS: Beautiful Sin / THE SIGN OFFS: Rocket Ride / THE PART TIME POSERS: Conspicious Minds / STILETTOS BOYS: Messerschmitt Kids / THE PROSTITUTES: Obscene / ROCK 'N' ROLL STORMTROOPERS: Keep Rock Clean / TEEN COOL: R'n'roll Bitch / STREET WALKIN' CHEETAHS: Los Angeles / THE BEATINGS: "First Time" / THE TRASH BRATS: 1,2,3 / THE SUPER BEES: Magazine Girl / LOS DRYHEAVERS: Why are we together / BLADDER BLADDER BLADDER: On The Wagon / THE STATUS: Emergency / FLASH BASTARD: Sudden Impact / THE STUPOR STARS: Hey Mata / THE BLACK HALOS: For You / DEAD EMPTY: Drunk All Day / KILLER DOLLS: Runaway / LIFE OF RILEY: And So It Goes / TWO POINT EIGHT: Heartbreaker / BORN DEADS: You're A Sham / EAST SIDE SUICIDES: Booker T. Projects / THE RIFFS: Underground Kicks / THE CHEMO KIDS: Bad Taste / ZILLIONAIRES: Hot Pink / SHYT HOUSE RATS: Ridin' High. "This 32 band compilation "3 Minute Heroes" from the now defunct label Pelado Records (RIP 1996-2009), features some of best punk bands. Bands such as The Dimestore Haloes, Dead Empty, Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, The Sign Offs, Trash Brats, The Ends, The Beatings, The Black Halos and many more... "
"Pelado Records bringing the best in Punk Rock since 1996!"
"Thirty-two of the coolest young groups that either sound like the Dead Boys but look like Mötley Crüe, or vice versa. If you’re a teenaged badass wearin’ creepers from Hot Topic, this is what you want blaring outta your beat-to-shit Plymouth this spring. Standout cuts include ones by Detroit’s own Trash Brats, the Confessions, Super-Bees, the Stiletto Boys, the Beatings, American Heartbreak, and the Pelado Records house band, Dimestore Haloes." Source

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VA "Pelado Records Presents 3 Minute Heroes" 320 kbps + covers

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Anonyme a dit…

I remember some of these bands.

Pelado bands were mostly hated by the PC Punks at Maximumrocknroll, but loved by the REAL rock aficionados at Hit List.

I miss Hit List.