REPTILES AT DAWN - After The Plague

SINGLES: REPTILES AT DAWN After The Plague 2x7'' 1987 320 kbps/wav
Walk Among The Danger / Penetrate The Night / Repulsive Glory / Under My Skin.

Reptiles At Dawn: T. Collins: vocals & lyrics / A. Norman: guitar & music / A. Hume: bass & music / M. Austin: drums, bottle & music / R. Vamp: manager + H. Cairns: trumpet.
If you want to know more about the story of the Reptiles At Dawn and the pre-bands The Henchmen & The Dum Dum Boys, please read the excellent post of The Dum Dum Boys, The Henchmen, The Reptiles At Dawn" on the Mysterex blog!

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REPTILES AT DAWN "After The Plague" 2x7"
320 kbps/wav + covers

Enjoy it, stay tuned for more & leave comments !

nekrodad a dit…

thank you, i grabbed all 3 records

Michael a dit…

When I download, there aren't any actual music files in the zipfile.


... links for 320 kbps & wav are in the file !!!

Anonyme a dit…

can you please repost? link are dead and nice blogspot

Holly a dit…

Hello,I don't know if you're considering reups... if you are I would LOVE a copy of this (my ancient vinyl is too warped to play).

And also all the other Reptiles at Dawn releases *Dressed, Naked, etc), while I'm asking ;-)

Thanks so much for all the great current links!!