REPTILES AT DAWN - Dressed In Flesh

REPTILES AT DAWN Dressed In Flesh lp 1987 320 kbps/wav
Kingdom Insane / Naked In The Wilderness / Rise With Me / Ice The Sun / New Born Dogs / Where Is The Fun? / Ride The Sky / After The Show / Borderline Ring / Walk Among The Danger / Penetrate The Night / Repulsive Glory / Under My Skin / Chinese Rocks.
Produced by Reptiles at Dawn.
Reptiles At Dawn: A. Hume: bass, backing vocals / G. Guellec: drums, backing vocals / A. Norman: guitar, backing vocals / T. Collins: vocals + O. Naud: backing vocals.
In march 1998, the Reptiles At Dawn recorded "Dressed In Flesh" in Paris with a new drummer: G. Guellec and toured widely in Europe.In 1989 a 7” EP, "Nighthawks In Exile" with four remastered tracks from "Dressed in Flesh" was released on Sonic Heist / Ima Hitt Records.
Unfortunately, despite trying to record a third album called "Lost Diciples" in Auckland, shortly after, the band split.
T. Collins settled in France, pursued his musical career with The Lost Disciples , a good french band from Brest. After three albums the band stopped in 2008.

Cd covers by Max !

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REPTILES AT DAWN "Dressed In Flesh" 320 kbps/wav + cd covers by Max !

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nekrodad a dit…

thank you, this is an awesome band

Anonyme a dit…

hello thank you so much for this one!
New rose was a relly cool label.
And your blog is a killer!!

I have a problem with the wav files, no pbm to dl only when i unrar the 2 folders, the song 12 seems corrupted.

Do other user see the same thing?




" ...I have a problem with the wav files, no pbm to dl only when i unrar the 2 folders, the song 12 seems corrupted..."

Sorry! part 3 was missing ... Now it's OK!
Just download it , unrar the 3 folders & you'll get the 14 songs listing on the tray!

Graham a dit…

Thanks for posting this. Great & under-rated band and great album which I've never seen a copy of and never expected to get to hear.

Capitain Poon a dit…

I'm to lookin for any record of The Lost Disciples. Cheers Patrick