NAVAHODADS - Mumbo Gumbo

NAVAHODADS Mumbo Gumbo cd 1995 320 kbps/wav Tongue-Tied / Zombie Jamboree / Mambo Mama (la reine creole) / Chillin' In My Bones / Sinner Not The Sin / Coffin Cheater Blues / Viva Lost Wages / Quasimodo Au-Go-Go / Buzzards On The Beach / Funky She Devil / I confess / Bad Luck Farm / Skin And Bone / If It's Rockin' (Don't Bother Knockin') / Primitive Groove Thang / Kahanamoku Kick (bonus track).
Produced by Michael Carpenter.
The Navahodads: B. Kibble: Howlin', Pickin' & Twangin' / K. Dogbox: '66 Telecaster Bass, Growlin', Beer & Dodge Pickup / M. P. Maunsell: Masonite Martian Surf Guitar, Rotovibe & assorted bent Fender / T. Denny: Jungle-Tubs, Rattles, Shakes & Groans.
The Navahodads were a roots rock band from Sydney, Australia. They formed in 1995 and disbanded in 2003. The band was led by singer,songwriter & guitarist B. Kibble aka "Wig" (the Alphabet Children, Flying Squad, Vampire Lovers, The Gun Club -not the US band- and the late Bam Balams who released an album, an EP & several singles on Citadel records). The Navahodads recorded two albums: "Mumbo Gumbo" & "Madame Mojo's". The band has been described as Texas R&B, swamp rock, Soul, and straight ahead rock. A critic once wrote: "Imagine Buddy Guy on a road trip, swinging by Tony Joe White's place, calling on Doug Sahm, and they all go to party in New Orleans...that's the vibe of the Navahodads." Interest generated by the "Mumbo Gumbo" album saw the band tour Spain in 1996.They split up in 2003 when B. Kibble moved to the USA. Prior to splitting up, the Navahodads recorded an album's worth of new material, which to date remains unreleased. Source

The break up of the fabulous Bam Balams gives birth to Navahodads, a perfect tex-Rock'n'Roll, swamp soul and pure rock combo! At last australian rock'n'roll is prooved successfull! If you like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Pantherburns and theFabulous Thunderbirds, this IS your new band ! Source
Check the song N° 15 : it's raw it's wild it's real rock'n'roll !!!

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NAVAHODADS "Mumbo Gumbo" 320 kbps/wav + covers !

Enjoy it & leave comments !

Anonyme a dit…

it's raw it's wild it's real rock'n'roll !!!
it's SOTD by Mr MR !!!!

f....ng good taste !

dave p. a dit…

many thanks for this.got most the bam balams vinyl but missed this band.any chance of the 'madame mojo's' album? much appreciated if you got it.
'primitive groove thang' indeed!
thanks again,dave p.


It seems that "Madame Mojo" is very difficult to find (no label listed)! I have never seen it!
If someone can help ...

Anonyme a dit…

Mumbo Gumbo (Pink Flamingo Records) - 1995
Madame Mojo's (Self Released) - 1998
If It's Rockin' b/w Funky She Devil (Louie Records) - 1996

Compilation tracks
Louie Louie - "Spanish Louie Louie Album" (Louie Records) - 1996
Hot Rod Hearse / Single Fin Theory - "Surfarama" (Pink Flamingo Records) - 1997
Kahanamokou Kick - "Lost in the 60s - Surf Compilation" (Tronador) - 2003

wiki info

self released probablement peu de copies

merci SOTD

Capitain Poon a dit…

Your archives are empty orrr...I'm crazy?.

Cheers Patrick

Capitain Poon a dit…

Ok, ok....i know...thanks again Patrick

Anonyme a dit…

thanx patrick !!
Pour un afn des bam balams comme moi, c'est Terrrrrrrrrrrible !!

Anonyme a dit…

qué grande Brendan Kibble.

Ian a dit…

I lived in the flat above Brendan's in Annandale, Sydney, back in the 90's and had the pleasure of jamming with Brendan in my old band Naive. Buzz was also the bass player in Naive (Angie Viner or me on vocals, Michael "The Master" Palmer on drums and Desiree Jacobson on guitar),and went on to play with the Navahodads after Naive's demise. Steve "Olly" Cole from the Bam Balams played bass in Some Kind of Justice with me and Peter Millynn. Great guys, great musicians! Les formidables!

Brendan, Buzz, Steve, please drop me an email at ian.amos@ymail.com if you'r reading this and let me know how you're doing. P.S. I still have the Mumbo Gumbo CD and the Naive 4 track demo... somewhere.

Ian a dit…

Brad and Matt, power to you too!


Thanks for the comments Ian !

Ian a dit…


You're welocme! I believe Brendan's in Austin, Texas, and has a great band called The TexReys.

Please see



Anonyme a dit…

C'est pour quand le premier album Madame Mojo's (Self Released) - 1998
FORMIDABLE ce groupe !!!!!


J'ai l'impression qu'on risque d'attendre un moment: il faudrait d'abord être sûr de l'existence commerciale de l'album!!!

Lançons encore un appel:

The SOTD blog will be very HAPPY & GRATEFUL if:
-someone can tell us where we can buy or find the second Navahodads album "Madame Mojo"
-or if someone can send us a link to download music & artwork of Navahodads "Madame Mojo"

Marpulca a dit…

link is dead . . . but my passion for this kind of music can't never die !!!
thanks for your blog and also i PRAY you to fix the link so i can listen to this album.

i am a big fan of Bam Balams and i never knew about this group with Brendan Kibble !!!

The Texreys a dit…

Hi folks, I'm Brendan 'Wig' Kibble. That's so cool you dig the Bam Balams and the Navahodads. BIG thanks to all of you ! These days I live in Austin, Texas. I was in a garage band 'The Texreys', we did an album in 2008. I now play in The Go Wows (Power Pop stuff), we have songs up on Youtube. If anyone is after a copy of the Navahodads 'Madame Mojo's', let me know, I'll send you a copy. All the best, cheers Wig