VA - Like a Rolling Stones

VA Like a Rolling Stones (A Tribute to The Rolling Stones) cd 1994 320 kbps
Loco Lizard: Dead Flowers / Rick Blaze & The Ballbusters: Gimmie Shelter / Surreal Mc Coys: All Down The Line / Gary Knoxx: It's All Over Now / Time Being: Citadel / Huck: Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby ? / David Peel: Satisfaction / Rex Pluto: Miss You / Chris Breault: Memo From Turner / Sheezlate: Mother's Little Helper / Mike Tripps: Paint it Black / Houston Ruggles: Angie / Play With Fire + Guest: The Spider & The Fly / Deb Beaudry: Happy / Johnny Black: Jumpin' Jack Flash / Giselle Hamburg + Guest: Dead Flowers / First & Last: Heartbreaker / Johnny Thunders: Play with fire.
Produced by R.Blaze & J.Crane.
"Like a Rolling Stones" (the U.S. title was "Exile on Wormtown") was the first (and last?) release of Lucky Dog Music, an independant label created by Rick Blaze of The Ballbusters & his guitarist Jeff Crane ( Surreal Mc Coys, Commandos, Crybabies, Classic Ruins & Cinders).Rick & Jeff decided to record the best rock bands of Massachusetts for a tribute album to the Rolling Stones (For details see booklet)

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VA "Like a Rolling Stones (US title was "Exile in Wormtown") 320 kbps + covers

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