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AMANDA JONES Amanda Jones cd ep 1996 wav
The First Time / The Back & Forth / Kathy's Kiss / Put You On Hold / Private Enemy N° 1.
Produced by G. Kuehn.
Amanda Jones: S. Antillon: drums & percussion, vocals / A. Brix: lead vocals / K. Michael: bass guitar, vocals / J. Drake: guitar, vocals.
Is it the summer of 1996 in Los Angeles, or a hot night at Max's Kansas City, circa 1976? This brash, guitar-driven punk sound with the saucy girl singer invites comparisons to early Blondie and others of the period, but in fact it's a newer group on the L.A. scene. In the Spring of 1995, Amanda Brix scraped the rust off her vocal chords and Jeff Drake pulled his guitar out of the gutter and formulated a master plan to force-feed the world bon-bons and hit records. They called this plan Amanda Jones, joined shortly by K. Michael and S. Antillon on bass and drums. They played a handful of gigs and were almost immediately signed to record their debut EP for Bomp.Combining pin-up girl glamour with old school punk rock sensibilities, they aim to become the biggest thing to come out of L.A. since Sonny & Cher. No teenage runaways these, Amanda Jones are all former members of important and influential L.A. bands. Lead singer Amanda was a sex-goddess of The Lame Flames, guitarist/convicted bank robber Jeff Drake was responsible for The Joneses (excellent band), California's long-lived answer to The Heartbreakers, during the early '80s. Sean & Keith are the former rhythm backbone of the Skulls. A lot of history, a lot of experience and, ultimately, a whole lot of talent and class. Source
Check the cover of the Boys' song "First Time" !

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nekrodad a dit…

aww this great my man, lost my cd years ago due to addiction problems at the time. but anyway, great band. i actually have the unreleased full length album and a live show on tape. but no way to convert them. so sorry man. anyway, love wat you do here. stop by my blog sometime.


DeepKarma a dit…

Wow. Never heard of this band. Great stuff...thanks for posting!