UNCLE SAM - Letters From London

UNCLE SAM Letters From London cd 1990 320 kbps
Letters From London / Whiskey Slick / Dreams of Money / Red Shirt / Stranger / Good Bye Mr Mary / Crystal / Ain't No Valentino / Room For One / Lexington Blues.
Produced by Uncle Sam & M. Duda.
Uncle Sam: L. Miller: guitar / D. Gentner: lead vocals /
B. Purol: bass / J. Mann: drums
The Rochester, New York based Crossover act, Uncle Sam enjoyed the majority of their fame thanks to the release of their debut album "Heaven Or Hollywood" in 1988. Actually, if truth be told, it wasn't so much the record but the album cover that attracted attention to the group formed by guitar playing milkman L. Miller. The cover depicted a razor handed, naked unidentified female seemingly about to transform a certain part of her anatomy into what's known in the trade as a shaven haven.
The band had formed earlier as garage rock act The Attics. When original drummer T. Shippers left the fold to join Immaculate Mary the band pulled in drummer G. G. A. Brisk and switched titles to Uncle Sam. The line-up of the group that recorded the first album was completed by vocalist S. Cessna, bassist D. Gentner and drummer G. A. Brisk.
Uncle Sam grabbed tons of coverage in the likes of Kerrang! with the debut, leading to a European deal with, ironically enough, Razor Records. The first album certainly made an impact, going on to sell over 100 000 copies. Touring saw Ron K. taking the drums role before J. Mann made the position more permanent
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"...Part punk, part metal, part garage rock with a touch of mid-tempo sleaze/grunge/glam thrown in for good measure."

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UNCLE SAM: "Letters from London" 320 kbps + covers

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