SUPERGROUPIES - Supergroupies

SUPERGROUPIES Supergroupies cd 2005 320 kbps
Give it All You Got / Bouncin' / Hot in Paris / Low Blue Flame / Summer Time / Say Goodbye / What a Day / Scream Shout Adore / I Wish You Would / Tonight with Love / '75 / You will Do Come One Come All / I'll Make You Happy* / Runaround*.
*bonus tracks
Produced by K. Marcello.
Supergroupies: A. Daniel: guitar / J. Linden: drums / K. Simon: vocals & guitar / M. Grimm: bass.
"After one listen to Supergroupies' self-titled debut record, you might start taking down some posters on your bedroom wall to make room for their glammy faces. The bandmembers hail from Sweden, deck themselves out in makeup, sport matching platinum blond feather cuts, and even rock the occasional feather boa. But all fears of a hair metal revival are quashed by the opening notes of the album's opener, "Give It All You Got," which rocks hard but in the power pop manner of vintage Redd Kross, not Poison. To that end, the band is definitely more Sweet than Kiss, more Hanna-Barbera than Headbangers Ball, more bubblegum than Jack Daniels. About the only recent group to have anything truly in common with Supergroupies is Tsar (the Tsar of their debut album, that is, not the punks of Band-Girls-Money) and maybe, in a stretch, the Darkness. The album is a nonstop blitz of hooks, huge choruses, flashy guitar solos, handclaps, and endearingly silly lyrics. K. Simon has a perfectly brash teenage croon, the production is glossy but packs a real punch, and the band's energy never flags. The high quality of the songs never drops off, either, as nearly every one is a perfect blast of glittery nonsense. The best of them are quite spectacular, and in a perfect world the effervescent "Bouncin'" would be a huge smash, teenage girls would be screaming Beatlemania style to sweet ballads like "Summertime" and "Tonight with Love," neo-rockers would be rocking their iPods with primitive tracks like "You Will Do" and "Hot in Paris," and the album would be available in America. Probably the most one can hope for is the last, but it doesn't hurt to dream. You should really try to get your hands on this disk -- that is, if you have any desire for a record with brains and brawn, with teenage soul and a non-winking sense of fun, and with songs good enough to actually stand toe to toe with those of their heroes and not come off like weak imitations. Supergroupies may never make it in the rock game, but on the basis of this one record, they are already stars." Allmusic.com
"I grew up listening to and loving AM Radio, Pop music, and Top 40. As I got a little older, I began what would be a life long love affair with glitter/glam bands from the 1970's and glam/hair bands/metal bands from the 1980's. This is where my heart is - and it will ALWAYS remain the love of my life.
I stopped listening to 99% of "new" music back in the early 1990's, after the miserable plague of grunge poisoned music and killed all the joy that went along with it. Since then, there have only been a few bands that I have liked - but NOTHING has ever given me the same thrill as I had "back in the day". And, I had pretty much given up on current music altogether. Then, purely by accident, I happened to hear about Supergroupies - and ALL of that changed instantly...
I don't know how they did it, but they have somehow managed to combine ALL of the very best elements from 1970's glitter/glam/pop and 1980's hair bands into a completely PERFECT - (actually, beyond PERFECT) - package of ultra glam/melodic pop - uniquely their own. This CD is a MASTERPIECE of infectious, catchy, happy songs. Once you hear them, they become permanently embedded in your mind and heart..." Source
Thanks to Fabien for music & scans !

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SUPERGROUPIES "Supergroupies" 320 kbps + covers

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