THE VACANT LOT - Almost Summer

SINGLES THE VACANT LOT Almost summer/Cyclone sp 199 Chaos Rrds wav
The Vacant Lot : P. Ciccone : guitar, vocals / P. Corio : drums / B. Wilder : bass / J. Mitro : guitar.
"New York band The Vacant Lot are still fairly much an unknown commodity, but that's bound to start changing pretty soon as they begin to get some records out and people outside of the city get a chance to hear their fabulous brand of punk rock flavored power pop. The Vacant Lot favor the energetic side of punk and the melodic side of sixties garage pop and blend them together in a way that produces the kind of tunes that stick in your head all day if you play their stuff once in the morning. The best indication where they're coming from perhaps comes from the fact that they cover the Real Kids' great "All Kindsa Girls" and play it a little faster than the original while hanging onto the same feeling of melody..." Source NKVD
Thanks to Fabien for music & scans !

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The Vacant Lot "Almost blue" SP wav + covers

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mercurochrome a dit…

Great post! I loved this band and this single was a particular favorite. Glad to be able to hear it again.