VA - Brace Yourself !

VA Brace Yourself ! A Tribute To Otis Blackwell cd 1994 320 kbps
GRAHAM PARKER : Paralyzed / C. HYNDE & C. SPEDDING : Hey little boy (little girl) / PAUL RODGERS : Home in your heart / FRANK BLACK & THE STAX PISTOLS : Breathless / THE SMITHEREENS : Let's talk about us / TOM VERLAINE : Fever / JOE LOUIS WALKER : On that power line / DEBORAH HARRY : Don't be cruel / JON SPENCER : All shook up / FRANK BLACK : Handyman / JOE ELY, SUE FOLEY, SARAH BROWN & MARCIA BALL : Great balls of fire / RONNIE SPECTOR : Brace yourself / WILLIE DEVILLE : Daddy Rolling Stone / DAVE EDMUNDS : Return to sender / KRIS KRISTOFFERSON : All shook up.
Produced by J. Tiven & T. Visconti.
The band : Steve Ferrone : drums & percussion / Jimmy Destri : organ & piano / Kenny Aaronson : bass / Chris Spedding : guitars + The Uptown Horns
Otis Blackwell (1932/2002) was an American songwriter, singer, and pianist whose work significantly influenced rock 'n' roll. Born in Brooklyn, and died in Nashville. He learned piano as a child and grew up listening to both R&B and Country music.
He first became famous by winning a local talent contest ("Amateur Night") at the Apollo Theater, Harlem, New York in 1952, led to a recording contract with RCA and then with Jay-Dee. His first release was his own composition "Daddy Rolling Stone" which became a favorite in Jamaica where it was recorded by Derek Martin. The song later became part of The Who's "Mod" repertoire. Enjoying some early recording and performing success, he found his first love was songwriting and by 1955 had settled into the groove that he would ride for decades. His first successes came in 1956 when Little Willie John's R&B hit with the sultry "Fever" was an even bigger pop success for Peggy Lee. Then, "All Shook Up" began a highly profitable association with Elvis Presley, who was credited as co-writer.
Blackwell was one of the leading African American figures of early rock 'n' roll, although he was not well known by the public. His own records never cracked the Top 40, yet he wrote million-selling songs for Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dee Clark and others. He also recruited other songwriters to write for Presley such as Winfield Scott.

Most tribute albums fail because the interpretations are too diverse to make the album consistent. "Brace Yourself: A Tribute to Otis Blackwell" sidesteps that problem by having the artists record with a house band well-versed in the material of the legendary rock & roll/R&B songwriter. Thankfully, the approach works; none of the artists turn in a bad performance, and the disc rocks (albeit rather gently) from start to finish. But then again, it wasn't that hard to make a good album when the artists included are W. Deville, D. Edmunds, G. Parker or K. Kristofferson ! Allmusic

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"VA - Brace Yourself! A Tribute to Otis Blackwell" 320kbps + covers


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This is a great share. Did the link die or am I too dumb to see it. I really would like to hear this.

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This may be the best tribute album of all time. If only they all could be this high quality.



Just click on the title of the post !

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
Yes I was dumb enuf to miss that. Thanks for coming back so quickly.

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encore une compilation fabuleuse..
mais ou va tu chercher tout ça ?
content que tu ais aimé greg khin
ceci dit je m'en doutais un peu...


Tu crois que je peux le mettre sur le blog ce Kihn ?

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n'hesite surtout pas .. il est trop bon .

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VA - Perfect Unpop - Peel Show Hits & Long Lost Lo Fi Favourites (2008)

Subtitled Peel Show Hits & Long-Lost Lo-Fi Favourites Volume One: 1976-80. Excellent 2008 collection of spiky 70's Punk and Pop Peel favorites that may be forgotten by the masses, but remain memory-tickling treats to all the avid Peel listeners nearly 30 years after their release. Anyone who ever cuddled up alone at night with Peel will recognize the glee with which he pounced on these devil-may-care, slightly broken Pop songs. Indie also-rans these bands may have been in the Sting 'n' Bono scheme of things, but add up all these flashes of underdog genius, and here's a CD to rival any other from the era of the questionable stringy tie. 24 tracks including songs by The Boys, The Carpettes, The Vibrators, Subway Sect, Young Marble Giants, Eater and many others. Cherry Red.Record Collector (magazine) (p.103) - 4 stars out of 5 -- "In essence, it feels like rather a good radio show put together by someone with impeccable, if idiosyncratic, taste."

1. Language School - Tours
2. Whips And Furs - Vibrators
3. Ambition - Subway Sect
4. Final Day - Young Marble Giants
5. Hedi's Head - Kleenex
6. On Me - Bears
7. Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric
8. Real Shocks - Swell Maps
9. Who Is Innocent - Out
10. Thinking Of The USA - Eater
11. Mary Millington - Disco Zombies
12. White Mice - Mo-Dettes
13. Self Concious Over You - Outcasts
14. Teenage Treats - Wasps
15. Couldn't Believe A Word - 45s
16. This Is Your Life - Glaxo Babies
17. Going Through The Motions - Prefects
18. Radio Wunderbar - Carpettes
19. Bad Hearts - Tights
20. He's Frank (Slight Return) - Monochrome Set
21. It's Obvious - Au Pairs
22. Happy Feeling - Sinatras
23. Brickfield Nights - Boys
24. Flood - Blue Orchids




Merci pour cette compil !

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Excellent blog, excellent post. I would also add Frank Black to your list of "how can you wrong with performers like"

My first visit, I've just added you to my blog.

All the best

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Mega thanks for this excellent tribute compilation!I bought it from a second-hand CD shop in Nancy a long time ago. I have always thought that it is one of the best compilations ever...The opener "Paralyzed" by Graham Parker is an absolute killer!And the huge majority of the tracks are consistently good! Thanks Patrick!