LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH - The Method to our madness

LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH The Method to our madness lp 1984 320 kbps
Method to my madness / I never believed / Pretty baby scream / When blood runs cold / Fresh flesh / Murder style / The seducer / Kiss of death / Do what thou wilt / My kingdom come / Dreams & desires° / A gun called justice° / Good to be bad° / Mind warp° / My alibi° / S. F. & T. / Never be another one° / Wine women & song° / Like a virgin°.
°Bonus tracks
Produced by The Lords.
The Lords Of The New Church : Backing Vocals, Guitar : Brian James / Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals : Dave Tregunna /Drums, Backing Vocals : Nicky Turner / Lead Vocals : Stiv Bators.

...The Lords Of The New Church continued to record sporadically including an amusing single where they violated Madonna's "Like a Virgin" and two excellent new tracks for the best-of "Killer Lords", but by 1985, the Lords had slowly begun to disintegrate. Dave Tregunna left, was replaced for a time by Grant Flemming, and then returned. A second guitarist, Alistair Simmons, was added and then sacked. Nick Turner quit and was replaced by Danny Fury. After 1988, Stiv Bators back injury led Brian James to advertise for a replacement singer -- a temporary one, he claimed -- the Lords split acrimoniously, but not before Stiv Bators played the encore of his last show wearing a T-shirt that bore an enlargement of Brian James' newspaper ad. Possibilities of any future Lords reunions were quashed when Stiv Bators died in 1990 of injuries sustained when he was struck by a car in the streets of Paris.

Although it was the Lords' third release, "The Method to Our Madness" sounds more like a debut. The band is bursting with energy and the production, by Chris Tsangerides, is much rawer than that on "The Lords Of The New Church" or "Is nothing sacred?" The opening salvo is "Method to My Madness," a four-on-the-floor rocker with a vocal contribution by I.R.S. Records impresario Miles Copeland, who admonishes Stiv Bators, "Now don't go tellin' secrets/This record's gotta sell!" After that, the aggression level stays pretty high, dipping only for a couple of ballads, "I Never Believed" and "When Blood Runs Cold" (the latter of which uses a string section; Stive Bators and strings -- who whould have thought it?) "The Method to Our Madness" contains some of the Lords' best non-hits: the sinister, sexy, bass-driven "Murder Style" and "The Seducer," the tale of a figure who might be a messiah, might be an antichrist, probably not too far off from how Bators saw himself. The closer, "My Kingdom Come," sounds like an ending, and it was; the Lords would never again record at full power before their split in 1988.

Cd artwork by MAX !

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LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH The Method to our madness 320 kbps + Max covers


nekrodad a dit…

hey chuckle heads, thanks for this great and classic upload. this was actually one of the 1st l.p.s i bought back in the 80's. i always loved stiv bators beyond belief. i have been looking for this one on cd for awhile now, no luck. and i had a low quality DL. but now this will do much better. I cant say thank you enough. come by my blog "radio satan blog, lots of psychobilly, horrorpunk, glampunk, punk n roll.


Anonyme a dit…

Great !!!!
I remember my older brother having this one for Christmas. Some find it "slick" but with songs like "I never believed" and "When blood runs cold" it's my fave one.
Have the vinyl but happy to have it on this format.
Thanks again

Anonyme a dit…

‘Although it was the Lords' third release, "The Method to Our Madness" sounds more like a debut.’

That is an interesting observation. It does actually very much sound like a debut album. Sort of like the Lords manifesto. A great album.


Yes it's strange ! ... sounds like a rock critic definitive sentence !
I dont really understand ... I just know like you that's it's a great lp !

Anonyme a dit…

I only get 18 tracks on the download.
12 A gun called Justice
13 Good To BE bad
14 Mind Warp
15 Wine women...
16 Never be another ..
17 Lika a virgin
18 My alibi

SF & T is missing


Thanks ! True ! SF & T is missing ... I will re-upload the file !


New link is OK !
Now you have the 19 tracks with S. F. & T. included ...

Anonyme a dit…

man, thanks a thousand times for this. i never found the complete albums of the lords o.t.n.c. on cd and your versions are lovely made + with tons of bonus. fantastic! i saw them live several times, back then. they were always really great and their zenith of creativity was definitely method to our madness. i love the first and second, too, but method is just their opus magnum. i have all these and most of the 7"es on vinyl, but now i can listen to this music in the car and at work etc. thanks again!

Honquijote a dit…

Thanks for sharing! I once had this LP so it's nice to hear this after so many years...

Neil Wilkes a dit…

Superb - my CD of this has a different tracklisting, and SF&T is missing - I remembered this from a 12" of M-Style, and the track "My Alibi" is obviously an early version.

Who do I have to bribe to get lossless copies of all 3 albums please? I can trade....got all available CD (and that includes the OOP ones, like all 3 official studio albums, Stories At Dusk, Lords Prayers 1 & 2 (both 2CD versions), The Gospel Truth, Rockers (2CD) etc.....

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Neil Wilkes a dit…

Do you have an original of "Is Nothing Sacred" at all?
My CD version (2003 Track) has the wrong version of "Dance With Me" on it - the one with the dodgy intro. I remember the vinyl launching into the bassline - not the silly choral vocal bit.
Same on all the compilations too (Killer Lords, Anthology etc).