LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH - Lords Of The New Church

LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH Lords Of The New Church lp 1981 I.R.S 320 kbps
New church /Russian roulette / Question of temperature / Eat your heart out / Portobello / Open your eyes / Livin' on livin' / Li'l boys play with Dolls / Apocalypso / Holy war / Young don't cry* / Girls girls girls* / I'm not running hard enough* / Hey tonight* / Substitute*(*bonus tracks).
Produced by the Lords.
Lords Of The New Church : Steve Bators : lead vocals / Brian James : guitar / Dave Tregunna : bass / Nick Turner : drums.
Formed in 1981, the Lords of the New Church had a formidable intercontinental punk rock pedigree. Singe Steve Bators and guitarist Brian James were founding members of Cleveland's Dead Boys and London's the Damned, respectively, both successful and influential punk pioneers. (Note: Much like Keith Richard(s), Stiv spelled his surname both with and without a terminal "s" at various points in his career. Throughout his time with the Lords, however, he was billed as Bators.) Bassist Dave Tregunna and drummer Nick Turner were veterans of Sham 69 and the Barracudas, which were less seminal but still well-known. But while the Lords' music had elements of punk, it was more melodic, better-produced, and played with a higher degree of professionalism. This alienated some of the hardcore punk audience, but brought the Lords a much wider and more diverse fan base.
The genesis of the Lords was in 1980 when Bators and James, having split from their previous bands, renewed an aqcuaintance that began when the Dead Boys opened for the Damned on CBGB dates and an English tour. The two experimented for a time with different rhythm sections, rehearsing briefly with ex-Generation X bassist Tony James and ex-Clash drummer Terry Chimes (how's that for a punk rock supergroup?). A lineup of Bators, James, Tregunna, and Damned drummer Rat Scabies played a single 1980 gig as the "Dead Damned Sham Band." But by the time the Lords' self-titled debut album appeared in 1982, Turner had replaced Scabies to form the lineup that would remain fixed throughout the band's most productive years.

Though the album was well-received, the Lords became more notorious for their live shows, or more specifically for Bators's crazed abandon as a performer. A devotee of Iggy, Bators had in his Dead Boys days developed a reputation for being unafraid to risk his life in pursuit of rock & roll glory. He suffered innumerable on-stage injuries during his career, the most famous being the time he reportedly nearly hung himself during a Lords show. As the story goes, a favorite stunt of Bators' where he looped the mic cord around his neck went awry, resulting in his being clinically dead for several minutes.

Although their roots were in punk rock, their debut album announced to the world that the Lords of the New Church were not your average punk band. They had ambitions: they would be the last beacon of truth in a world nearing its end. And while you can't call The Lords of the New Church entirely successful -- for every high point like "Open Your Eyes" or "Russian Roulette" there's a clunker like "Portobello" or "Eat Your Heart Out" -- you can't fault their effort. Guitarist Brian James and the rhythm section provide a wide-screen setting, with guest musicians adding synths and horns to the guitar bass, and drums foundation. But the face, mouth, and heart of the Lords was Sitv Bators, who casts himself here in the role of rock & roll poet/preacher/prophet. He was no Bob Dylan, to be sure, but on "The Lords of the New Church" he demonstrates lyrical maturity surprising to anyone who ever heard Dead Boys songs like "I Need Lunch." Consider these few lines from "New Church," which may not be high art, but make their point and also serve as a neat summary of the Lords ethos: "Truth can't be found on the television/Throw away youth ya gotta take a stand/Music is your only weapon/Spanners in the works go start your gang..."Lords of the New Church" is very much an artifact of the Reagan era and somewhat dated in its approach, but Bators' core message of personal freedom, and the fervor and sincerity with which he delivered it, have retained their resonance across the years. B. Cassel - Allmusic
Cd covers by Max !

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Lords Of The New Church "1st lp" 320 kbps + great covers by Max !

"Is nothing sacred?" & "Method to my madness" will follow soon : stay tuned !

Enjoy it & leave comments !

Jota a dit…

Great cd!! I got it in cd. Salute from Argentina

vex_voxtone a dit…

Amazing band with unique sound. Unfortunately always sadly underrated, and always labeled as goth rock although their music was plain and simple punk rock. They very succesfully played with goth imagery but that was all. Brian James is an excellent guitarist and I always prefered his work in The Lords more than on first two Damned albums also they had an amazing rhythm section ... both Nicky Turner and Dave "Kermit" Tregunna were both great. All I can say is that I love this band to death.
Thanx for sharing this classic !!!

Anonyme a dit…

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Anselmo - Brazil

Anonyme a dit…

this first lp was by far the best of all, but it's true that we can find some good stuff in the 2 followers. in fact, The Lords were better in "live" conditions!
thanks for the links

Anonyme a dit…

Vex, I was around at the time and saw this great band a lot between 82- 87. I am afraid history has been re-written to a large extent when it comes to the Lords. Whether by accident or design, in the mid eighties they were very firmly in the Goth Rock camp. Their sound was hugely indicative of other mid eighties Goth bands. This can be heard in the space and mood that Brian James created in a lot of their music. (They weren’t 1234 punk rock thrash and sounded nothing like the Damned or the Dead Boys). Also, a lot of the original Lords fans that bought the records were largely made up of Goth types who frequented other major Goth bands shows such as the Cult, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sisters Of Mercy. Stivs on-stage performances were very reminiscent of early Iggy, and all band members had a Punk Rock pedigree, but that’s where it ended I’m afraid.

Anonyme a dit…

Great! Special thanks to Max for all the work done!




The link is working ... I have just downloaded the whole file ! Try it again !

yon y guitar a dit…

THE ARCHIVE RULES OK.THANKS.do you have something of the brats, new york band?.un abrazo

Honquijote a dit…

Thanks for uploading! One of my first records...

Anonyme a dit…

thanks pal! greetings from argentina!

Anonyme a dit…

thanks pal! greetings from argentina!