V/A California ain't fun no more cd 2002 Just add water 320 kbps
LOOSE LIPS : Please girl / THE EASYS : Travel on / THE DEMONICS : Mopar or not car / THE PINKZ : Last night / THE SUPERBEES : You got me / THE REHABS : Spit your morals / THE BOBBYTEENS : Baby runaround / THE LOUDMOUTHS : Cum'n go / THE FLAKES : Long gone / THE STUPOR STARS : Where the lovers meet / BITCHSCHOOL : Runaways in the night / THE FEVERS : Ohio express .
California, dude! Whenever I try to think of endless summer's and beautiful girls like the one's David Lee Roth and Brian Wilson wrote about I'm reminded then back to high school where if any had their eyes on moving to California was to attend Guitar Institute, learn how to do those divebomb licks and get in a band that does pay to play sets at Gazarri's. Hell, there was one bozo in High School who paid someone else to play an "Eruption" like solo for his application to the place. The guy who played the solo has gone on to be on of the top session cats in L.A. and the guy who paid for it ended up getting some rock skank knocked up and moving back here. She's bigger than a house and he manages a Wendy's.

This gets rid of those bad thoughts and replaces 'em with racing slicks and cheeseburgers. Not in some dumb "Gearhead" bowling shirt way but like, y'know, CALIFORNIA! Songs that could've boomed outta Rodney On The Roq's program while sitting at a drive-in theater and sippin' Lemonade & Whiskey twenty years ago BUT WITH LOUDER GUITARS!!! Ya got the Pinkz covering the Scientists "Last Night" , The Bobbyteens check in with a version of the Gears "Baby Runaround" and Bitchschool de-do Nick Gilder's "Runaways In The Night." Being familiar with all the originals I can say that the takes her are pretty faithful but do have a modern spit to 'em. Those harmonies of the Pinkz always get me. Three bands here also feature Russell Quan (The Easys, Bobbyteens, the Flakes) and you know he's all about fun. The Stuporstars are here too. The Stuporstars are kick ass just for the fact that Rick Hall sings for them and he's hooked me up with loads of dirty mags through the years. The Demonics got one of their songs about undying love for Mopars in their usual Mike Love in the trunk of Lemmy's car style. The Fevers cap it off with a piece of rock hard bubblegum called "Ohio Express." The Superbees and Rehabs songs are pretty cool too. This is one of those compilations that is consistantly enjoyable. Ya gotta know how rare that is. (Smashin' transistors)

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V/A California ain't fun no more 320 kbps + covers

Enjoy it & leave comments if you like it !

Mr. Trashe a dit…

This album is a good compilation, great great bands!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

This is an older post, but I just wanted to say Thanks, Rambler!