THE SCREAMING TRIBESMEN Formaldehyde cd 1993 Survival 320 kbps
Painted memory / I can fly* / Spinning 'round / So alone / Always be there / Day we said goodbye / Looking on / Planet zoo / From where I'm standing / Fatal fascination / Got you on my mind*.
Produced by Rob Younger & the Screaming Tribesmen.
The Screaming Tribesmen : Paul Larsen : drums / Mick Medew : lead vocals & guitar / Glen Morris : guitar & vocals / Jeff Silver : bass guitar , vocals & percussion except * : Chris Dixon : drums / Ash Geary : guitar .
The Screaming Tribesmen was a band formed in Brisbane by Mick Medew, John Hartley & Murray Shepherd. They took the Australian independent scene by storm with a series of singles on Citadel Records. Their earliest hit "Igloo" was penned by Medew and Died Pretty frontman Ron Peno.
After relocation to Sydney, and a number of line-up changes the band settled on its most successful lineup of Medew, ex-Radio Birdman & The Hitmen guitarist Chris Masuak, bass player Bob Wackley & drummer Warwick Fraser (ex-Feather & Hoi Polloi) who replaced Michael Charles after the recording of the "Date With A Vampyre" EP.
The "Vampyre" EP reigned at the top of the Australian independent charts for over 40 weeks, while the band toured constantly in support. The follow up "Top of the Town" EP released on the boutique Rattlesnake Records : six songs by a new lineup that reveals an ongoing transition towards more mainstream pop-rock. "You Better Run" is the most impressive track, and a fair precursor to the excellent "Bones + Flowers". The album launches the Tribesmen into a new international league, offering richly played rock-melody songwriting (by ex-Radio Birdman guitarist/pianist/producer Chris "Klondike" Masuak and singer/guitarist Mick Medew) that's got all the needed attributes for major stardom. Standouts: a new version of "Igloo," the wittily '60sish "Our Time at Last," the peppy Anglo-popping "Dream Away" and the Rockpiling "Living Vampire." The CD has two bonus tracks. Despite the album's appeal and high commercial prospects, nothing much came of "Bones + Flowers". Then the band issued the five-track , 12-inch EP "Take cover" (august 1989), which comprised all cover versions (Dictators , Lou Reed). The Tribesmen issued "Blood and lust" in March 1991 , this lp includes a couple of the band's heaviest ever songs like "High priestss" , "Something dangerous" & "Queen of the night time world". Survival also issued the Screaming Tribesmen compilation "High time- A collection" in december 1990. After three years of silence the Tribesmen issued their last album "Formaldehyde" in july 1993 . Mick Medew was the only member remaining from the beginning .

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The Screaming Tribesmen "Formaldehyde" 320 kbps + covers

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