FIXED UP - On your line

SINGLES FIXED UP On your line 12' EP 1985 Closer records wav
On your line / New two / Riff bang pow
Produced by Jim "Survivor" Dickson
Fixed Up : François Lebas : guitar , lead vocal / Mephisto : bass & backing vocals / Sylvain : drums & backing vocals .
Those songs were recorded somewhere in the world in strange circonstances , but, and this is important, by a group of weird friends. "On your line" is about insanity and surrender. Its making was precisely the fighting of man against his own destiny, but this time, man made it : we were the strongest. The whole idea came on a march night. Jim "Survivor" Dickson , our elder brother and journeyman dealt with the production, alongside Lucas "Warsaw" Fox, who came from out of the blue, but without whom ... A sound engineer, but which one ? Neil, Alan or X ? The first one for one night , the second for the next and the last one for never even though he was planned for the whole thing. The sun rises, we'll have to go back .Back to our embassy-for some BeBop Family including everything that rock'n'roll should be. For others, it will be a mobile home, a part of our life, especialy for Weich Junior and his twenty summers. Listening to the rough mix, rewinding again and again, but we don't belong to vaults anymore, we are all living in a haunted castle mood. The tape itself rolls between the hands of the RMS wizzard who gets to mix it after a one hour and a half fight against the Yellow Spaceship. Here is the result. If you haven't discovered it already you soon will. This time City Slang got to the rendez-vous for the back cover picture, Erik H. (the Clint Eastwood of rock'n'roll) laboured on the front one and a bit more. Our own artistic refugee , H.L.M., is the conceptor of the sleeve. What you hold in your hands is a single's life or the new Fixed Up release.
"On your line" : sure, "Going blind" not really ...
Covers for all Fixed Up posts cleaned & assembled by Max .

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FIXED UP "On your line" 12 EP wav + covers

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Dr Faustroll a dit…

Une sacrée collec de Fixed-Up ici, mille mercis pour ces posts, ça me ramène un bout de temps en arrière quand je galopais après les sorties du plus grand label garage rock français... Vous voilà donc en fave list du Dr Faustroll

Anonyme a dit…

Anonymoussalex : Encore un vinyl formidable qui subit la terrible malédiction du carton-à-la-cave par chez ouhame (mais j'ai cru comprendre que je n'étais pas le seul dans l'coin)... On your line, on atteint des sommets, franchement ! Going blind, non pas du tout, effectivement...
Thanx encore

Anonyme a dit…

Mr M.R.
le dernier à sauver ses disques des cartons !!!
MERCI !!!!