JOHN FORD - Bullets for dreamers

JOHN FORD Bullets for dreamers cd 2003 320 kbps
Bullets for dreamers / Stay wit choo / Dragged / (Gone is the) Freedom train / Roads ahead / Ass, gass, grass / How' bout you / All fake / Misery / Armagideon time / Burn away.Produced by Geordie Johnson.
John Ford : Rich Hope - guitar, vocals / Chris Read - bass, vocals / Lightnin' Rod - guitar, vocals / Adrian Mack - drums, vocals .
Vancouver-based John Ford is back with their sophomore disc, a new guitarist (Rich Jones, formerly of The Black Halos) and production courtesy of Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson. Uncompromising rock'n'roll is on tap as the band take a stab at the land Headstones have mastered. "Stay Wit Choo", "Ass, Gass, Grass" and "Burn Away" all have these great little intimate moments that make you long for those faded jeans and white T-shirt you've had ten years too long. Perfect rock music that would make guys like Keef Richards ask, "Right then, which one of you is John Ford?" Bullets for Dreamers is clearly a teaser for what these four guys can rip live. (M Joel)
"If you want a record that has rock 'n' roll integrity and will show you the best 40 minutes you've had by a stereo for a long time, do yourself a favour and
purchase this record! These Vancouver sleaze-slingers' real secret here is they drain some of the testosterone out of rock and replace it with some sugar on top."
"...The vortex of irrational behaviour that seems to materialize around John Ford was perhaps best summed up by Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson, who was once heard to ruefully sigh, "they're just BAD people". Describing their music as "the sound of drunken, angry men hurling bottles at a wall", Johnson nonetheless went thirteen bloody rounds with the band in order to produce their second album, "Bullets for Dreamers". Johnson also produced an enormous invoice for his services whereupon the band got drunk and hurled bottles at Johnson..."

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JOHN FORD "Bullets for dreamers" 320 kbps + covers

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Mr M.R.

tres bien pour commencer la semaine !


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Thanx for this one man !!!
Pure 100% fueled RNR ...
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P.S. Thanx for all of your Fixed Up shares .. brilliant band.

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Thanks for another rock and roll gem in this blog.


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Thanks for this great record. You are making me discover such great bands, without this blog i would be missing great rock and roll...

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Great, great, great. Nice band. Thanks bro for this