WILL AND THE BUSHMEN Will And The Bushmen 1989 SBK Records 320 kbps
House of mirrors / Book of love / Typical world / Blow me up / 500 miles / Kimberly stews / Three girls from Detroit / Doubts / It's gonna be alright / Like laughing

Produced by Richard Gottehrer

Will Kimbrough-Vocals, guitar, keyboards / Sam Baylor-Guitar, bass, vocals / Mark Pfaff-Bass, harmonica, vocals / Bryan Owings-Drums

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

For you powerpopers ! Will & The Bushmen 320kbps + complete covers


Enjoy it !

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for this rare LP, produced by R.Gotherer; that's the reason why I've downloaded it! And great job for this beautiful blog.
JF (France)

Jessepop a dit…

merci pour celui-la !


Gyro1966 a dit…

thanks- I've been collecting Will Kimbrough's music, but i never had this.

Anonyme a dit…

is real strange that this is only the only resource where ppl can download the link of the 89 year album content...imho, its the best album of Will..

Anonyme a dit…

the only place of the whole web to download the link of the 89 album. seems really strange....

His Holiness Pope Salty I a dit…

I can't believe you guys posted this!

I actually opened for these guys once in 1990. Well, technically opened. Their manager, for some reason, booked them at the dance club where I was the DJ. I loved 'em, but the crowd didn't. They wanted their acid house.

I thanked them profusely and told 'em how much I enjoyed their set, even if the punters didn't. And as my little way of saying thanks to the guys, I made my crowd sit through all 5:45 or so of the Smiths - "How soon is now".

The band came up to me as they were packing up and handed me an autographed copy of this LP. It was signed "Thanks for the Smiths, Will". Sadly, my record collection was ruined by Katrina, and I've been looking for this ever since.

Thanks again.