THE LITTLE ROOSTERS The Little Roosters 1981 Polydor 320 kbpsPeople break down / I need a witness / Ain't proud / She's so strange / I have a dream / Hot black and sweet / Pity for you / Disease / (Meet me with your ) Poison / Uhura / Bad Bob
G. J. Lammin : guitar , vocals
B. Mizen : lead guitar
S. Burgess : bass guitar
S. Bruce : drums
+ G. Eve : organ
An album produced by Joe Strummer except "People break down" & "Hot black and sweet " by G. J. Lammin
with nice covers made by the wonderful MAX !

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

+ nice cover made by the wonderful MAX !
link :

Enjoy it !

jessepop a dit…

je désespérais de le trouver un jour !
merci Patrick

Anonyme a dit…

8 titres seulement ? il semble que certains fichiers sont corrompus...

Midnight Rambler a dit…

Aucun fichier corrompu ce jour , à cette heure !
L'album comporte 11 chansons !

Anonyme a dit…

un putain de chef d'oeuvre...Je me souviens que Manoeuvre avait dit qu'on jurait entendre les Stones de Brian Jones jammer avec les Pistols§


Anonyme a dit…

Hey..Im Gary Eve(you know G.Eve) I see pictures of Bruce, Burgess, Even Mizzen! None of whom apart from gary lammin were founder members of this group! So its nice and thanks for the memorys, but you need to know your history.and my photo should be right here!

Slam Bam a dit…

Gary Eve, you one funny motherfucker.

Rockandre a dit…

This album has always been an absolute classic! Thank you sooooo much for making it available!

Syl a dit…

Un grand merci pour ce superbe lp, jamais retrouvé en cd !!!