LATEX NOVELTIES - A Girl's Best Friend

LATEX NOVELTIES  A Girl's Best Friend  CD  2007
Teenage Idol / Surf Bandits / High Cost Of Lovin' / Nervous Wreck / Kiss And Make Up / I Don't Wanna Look Like No Ramone / I Do I Own Thing / Tangerine Hair / Just Meat / Retaliation / We Don't Wanna Go Home / Born To Destroy / Falling Down / The Solution / We Don't Wanna Go Home (live 1979).

Formed in Indianapolis, in the summer of 1978, Latex Novelties came as a shock to some, but a welcome relief to Midwest music fans hungering for more than radio rock and over-produced record company darlings. Latex Novelties provided a ray of hope, proving that fans didn’t have to take the ponderous, pretentious, acts that had become more corporation than musicians.
The Novelties could, and did, bring the new punk sound from New York and the UK to Indianapolis for the very first time. They immediately became the “must-see” band for every person seeking an escape from the endless string of cover bands that ruled the Indiana music scene.
Their attraction to bands such as the Ramones, the Dolls, the Sex Pistols, the Vibrators, and the Damned, influenced the Novelties to create some of the most original songs of the time. The Novelties have always had strong and uncompromising ideas about their live shows and their outrageous and often extreme act awakened a sleepy Midwestern town like a boot to the head. The door was opened and a vibrant and active punk scene exists in Indianapolis that none had ever thought possible. The Novelties have earned their position in the history of punk rock and this release proves why!  Source

Formed in 1978, Latex Novelties were the first punk band in in Indianapolis! Influenced by glam greats (NY Dolls/Bowie) and early british punk bands such Vibrators and Sex Pistols, they became immediately "the must-see" band for every person seeking an escape from the terrible musical scene in town during those days.
Dedicated to Pat Grindstaff  & Pelado Records!

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LATEX NOVELTIES: "A Girl's Best Friend" cd 2007

“When we first started, it was so hard for us, because all there was in Indianapolis was cover bands, and nobody really cared about some band doing this early-NYC kinda glam rock stuff,” Cretin says. “Now, it’s the norm for a local band to do a set of all original songs. It’s all come full circle. We still have Mango’s songs, and now we have Justin Allen out front delivering the goods. Really, things could not have come together more perfectly.”

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Please, Can you re-up the Graham Parker "Last rock'n'roll tour?

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I was aware of the L.N.'s back in the late '70s but never got the chance to hear the music. They were very well known in the local Indy music scene. I read about them several times and have never forgotten my interest in one day finding out what they were up to. Now more than 30 years later you've helped me take care of that. Thanks very much.