GUN CRAZY - Dropping Like Flies

GUN CRAZY   Dropping Like Flies  CD  2003
Edge Of Town / Hotel Room / Talk To Jane / Factory Line / Red China Queen / Cannonball / Waitin' For A Ride° / Private Affair / Twenty Dollar Man* / Third Time Down.
Produced by Mike Mariconda.
Gun Crazy: Gary Rhodes: drums / Jimmy Sanchez: guitar & vocals / Clint Shay: lead guitar / Greg Putman: bass + Mike Mariconda: 1st guitar solo on */ Alan Nelson (The Materialistics): backing vocals on °

"On their debut album, produced by Mike Mariconda (Devil Dogs, New Bomb Turks), Houston's Gun Crazy come off like an amped-up combination of Bloodbrothers-era Dictators, the Saints, and Lazy Cowgirls."
" Ten punk ravers loaded with buzzsaw guitars, sneering attitude, and ragged but right singing. Some rippin’ punk rock’n’roll from Austin, struttin’, swaggerin’ and slangin’ its charm like a high-end call girl in the midst of a ship full of horny sailors. I’ve been a bit burned out on this genre for a while now, but when something this cool comes along, you can’t help but pay attention, and this is worthy of frequent listens."
"What do you consider to be your primary musical influences?
Jimmy Sanchez (guitar, vocals): That’s always a hard question. As far the band goes, we’re influenced by anything from the obvious punk rock stuff like the Saints, X, the Weirdos, the Real Kids…to earlier bands like the New York Dolls, Iggy and the Stooges, MC5, and Dr. Feelgood to 60s bands like the Yardbirds, Pretty Things and the Small Faces…to even older stuff like Chuck Berry, Larry Williams, and Eddie Cochran. I mean, we definitely don’t sound like any of these bands…we just kind of get inspiration from them. It’s not really a secret or anything new, we’re just taking rootsy rock and roll and playing it faster and louder."
You can read the complete interview HERE.

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GUN CRAZY: "Dropping Like Flies" cd 2003

What is in your CD player right now?

Jimmy Sanchez from Gun Crazy: A Bukka White comp I just got, Elvis Costello’s Get Happy, a live Ike and Tina album, the Kinks’ Arthur, Dr. Feelgood’s Down by the Jetty, Skip James, Bowie’s Hunky Dory, Love’s Forever Changes and a Solomon Burke best-of.

Read the full interview on Houston Calling, here:


Honquijote a dit…

- Thanks a lot for sharing this...

lmelis a dit…


On CD player now Bob's Blonde On Blonde to be followed by Greg's Straight Ahead. Some Wipers I guess for later on "Over The Edge"? and will close with Steppes's new comp "Green Velvet Electric"

DEE DEE a dit…

Never heard of them but what's on their CD Player is good enough for me! This will be on my CD player tonight. Thanks.

Finniuss a dit…

Hey mate,

Can you please upload all the albums you have of the nozems? I have the LP's but I would like them on CD. The albums are Hanging Around and Lovely sort of danger. You had them uploaded before but the links aren't working. Thanks from Holland!!!


There's only one album on the blog:
"Lovely Sort Of Danger". I never posted "Hanging Around": I don't have it on cd.
I will repost "Lovely Sort..." asap.

Certifiablockhead a dit…

what is in...Gun Crazy 'Dropping Like Flies'...thank you