THE FLAMIN' GROOVIES - At Full Speed: The Complete Sire Recordings

THE FLAMIN' GROOVIES  At Full Speed: The Complete Sire Recordings  2 X CD  2006
CD 1: Shake Some Action / Sometimes / Yes It's True / St. Louis Blues / You Tore Me Down / Please, Please Girl / Let The Boy Rock'n'Roll / I'll Cry Alone / Misery / Don't You Lie To Me / She Said Yeah / I Saw Her / Teenage Confidential / I Can't Hide / Feel A Whole Lot Better / Between The Lines / Move It / Take Me Back / Ups & Downs / When I Heard Your Name / Reminiscing / There's A Place / Yeah My Baby / Good Laugh Mun.
CD 2: All I Wanted / Don't Put Me On / House Of Blue Lights / Blue Turns To Grey / Paint It Black / Next One Crying° / Jumping In The Night° / Yes I Am° / Werewolves Of London°° / It Won't Be Wrong°° / Please Please Me° / Down Down Down° / Absolutely Sweet Marie° / You're My Wonderful One° / 19th Nervous Breakdown° / Boys° / 5D° / First Plane Home° / Lady Friend° / In The USA° / Tell Me Again° / Shake Some Action (demo version).
Produced by Dave Edmunds / °Produced by Cyril Jordan & Roger Bechirian / Produced by Roger Bechirian.
Remastered By Bill Inglot.
The Flamin' Groovies: 
"Shake Some Action" material: Cyril Jordan : guitar, vocals / Chris Wilson : guitar, vocals / Georges Alexander : bass / James Farrell : guitar / David Wright: drums.
"Now" & "Jumpin' In The Night" material:  Cyril Jordan: guitar, vocals / Chris Wilson: guitar, vocals / Georges Alexander : bass / Mike Wilhelm: guitar / David Wright: drums.

Flamin' Groovies fans can be forgiven if they greeted At Full Speed: Complete Sire Recordings with slightly less than the whole-heartedly enthusiastic reception it deserved when this double-disc set from Rhino UK appeared late in the summer of 2006. Just a few months prior, DBK Works boxed up the three expanded reissues of the Groovies' Sire records that they had released over the course of 2005, covering the same territory in nearly the same degree of completion as this set -- and since only 1976's Shake Some Action had been out on disc before, with 1978's Flamin' Groovies Now and 1979's Jumpin' in the Night making their CD debut from DBK, it's easy to assume that those hardcore fans already picked up the discs not just before the Rhino UK set, but before DBK's similarly titled Bust Out at Full Speed: The Sire Years hit the shelves, either. But for those faithful few who somehow held out in picking up the DBK issues -- or for those faithful few who just had to have everything the Groovies did (and everybody knows that accounts for a good chunk of their fan base) -- At Full Speed: Complete Sire Recordings is the set to get. Not only is it sleeker at two discs compared to the DBK three, it also contains more recordings: a handful of unreleased cuts that did not make it to the previous set. And for those who have yet to be introduced to the wonder of the Groovies at Sire, this is surely essential: the perfect cross between British Invasion pop, old-time rock & roll, nervy new wave style and garage rock spirit. Source

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THE FLAMIN' GROOVIES: "At Full Speed: The Complete Sire Recordings" 2XCD 2006

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