The Winkies were formed by Canadian-born Philip Rambow with former Holy Rollers guitarist Guy Humphreys, and the rhythm section of Brian Turrington (Bass Guitar) and Mike Desmaris (Drums). Their music and stage presence were a combination of the sound pub rock and visuals of glam rock clothing.   The Winkies caught the attention of former Roxy Music musician Brian Eno while he was finishing his debut solo album Here Come The Warm Jets. And he took The Winkies as his backing band in 1974, on his first and only solo tour.   After touring with Eno, the band signed with Chrysalis Records and began recording an album with Leo Lyons of Ten Years After, that included guests such as Chick Churchill and Eno. The album was never completed though and the band began aside with Guy Stevens in the producer’s chair and their self-titled debut album The Winkies appeared in 1975. Shortly after the release of this album, they disbanded.   Only ever released in Japan on CD, this much sought after album is now being re-issued with new sleeve notes and re-mastered sound.

It's been a long time that I expected a cd reissue of this excellent album, one of my favorite ! I know that a Japan cd existed but it was so expensive and very hard to find.
Lemon Records did it with a remastered sound ! It will be out April 22, 2013.You can pre-order it HERE!

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Bravo pour l'interview dans Dig It. Très intéressant et mérité. Bonne continuation.

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meme pas une copie sur son blog le MrMR

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Pas d'auto-promotion...on n'est pas à la fois juge et partie !