THE SUPERBEES - The Superbees 12'' EP

THE SUPERBEES  The Superbees  12'' EP  2004
Up Our Sleeves / Heavy / Only What You Make It / Eye On Me.
Produced by Rick Parker & The Superbees.
The Superbees: Dave James: guitar, vocals / Scott Carlson: guitar, vocals / Dat Ngo: bass / Johnny "Sleeper" Toomey: drums, percussion.
The Los Angeles foursome the Superbees electrify vintage garage grooves with the energy of Iggy Pop, the swagger of the Stones, and the raucous attack of Thee Hypnotics. Vocalist and guitarist Dave James formed the band around 1998 with bassist Dat Ngo, and the duo promptly took its MC5-influenced show on the road, as well as releasing the single "Got This Feeling". Eventually the group completed its lineup with guitarist Scott Carlson and drummer Johnny Sleeper. In August of 2000, the Superbees released a self-titled EP. Their debut full-length, "High Volume" — a satisfying set of stage-burning rock — was released on Acetate Records in September of 2002. The "Top of the Rocks" EP followed in 2010. Allmusic.com

"...one of the most electrifying pure rock bands in town...a searing set of Saints / Lyres / Sonics-inspired garage shock. Vocalist/guitarist Dave James...a mad riffing hooligan, knocking out killer chords while engaging in high-energy Townshend-like leaps and scowling at the audience..." Jim Freek, New Times LA
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THE SUPERBEES: The Superbees 12'' EP 2004

The joint was packed to the rafters, the benefit was to replace equipment stolen from The SuperBees, who opened the show with a blistering set of Detroit style garage punk. Check these guys out, they're very cool." Jeff Dahl

steve davis a dit…

Yeh, caught these guys live a few years ago here in town at Hollywood Alley.It was a smoking white hot set. Totally turned me out! Grabbed a disc too! Catch them in a town near you!

Anonyme a dit…