SONNY VINCENT - Semper Fidelis - 30 Years Anthology (1972-2002)

SONNY VINCENT  Semper Fidelis - 30 Years Anthology (1972-2002) 2xCD & 3xLP  2008

CD 1: 01 Dedication (Sonny Vincent) / 02 100% Proof (Fury) / 03 Bad Attitude (Model Prisoners) / 04 I Don't Care Anymore (Sonny Vincent) / 05 Black Book (Shotgun Rationale) / 06 Roller Coaster (Shotgun Rationale) / 07 Phantom (Sonny Vincent & The Extreme) / 08 Funny Now-She Blew It (Sonny Vincent) / 09 I'll Do It All For You (Sonny Vincent) / 10 You're Wearing A Mask (Shotgun Rationale) / 11 Sonny U.S.M.C. (Sonny Vincent) / 12 Lessons In Life* (Sonny Vincent) / 13 Gun Smoke (Dons, The) / 14 Huh (Dons, The) / 15 The Candidate (Dons, The) / 16 Real Cool Girl (Sonny Vincent) / 17 Don't Tell Me (Shotgun Rationale) / 18 If The Shoes Fits (Dons, The) / 19 Noriega (Shotgun Rationale) / 20 Primal Call (Testors) / 21 Seratonin (Sonny Vincent) / 22 A Good Day For Rock (Sonny Vincent) / 23 Scratchin' On The 8 Ball (Sonny Vincent) / 24 No Sacrifice (Sonny Vincent) / 25 Tired Of The Telephone (Sonny Vincent) / 26 Falling (Sonny Vincent) / 27 Remembrance (Testors) / 28 Sacred Innocence (Dons, The) / 29 Crazy Little Girl (Sonny Vincent & The Safety Pins).

CD 2: 30 Me, Myself, And, I (Moe Tucker) / 31 Together (Testors) / 32 Epic Ripped Up Letter (Sonny Vincent And His Rat Race Choir) / 33 1, 2, 3, Boom! (Sonny Vincent) / 34 Babonya (Shotgun Rationale) / 35 Mannequin World (Primadonnas, The) / 36 Do What I Want (Shotgun Rationale) / 37 Flying (Fury) / 38 Greedy Fuckers (Shotgun Rationale) / 39 Education Is A System Of Imposed Ignorance (Dons, The) / 40 Hey You (Testors) / 41 Lines On My Mirror (Dons, The) / 42 I Lost At Love (Shotgun Rationale) / 43 Knifeman (Sonny Vincent) / 44 Let's Get Zooed Out (Testors) / 45 Lost Again (Sonny Vincent) / 46 My Guitar (Sonny Vincent) / 47 Primitive (Shotgun Rationale) / 48 Motorcycle Girl (Sonny Vincent) / 49 Sex With Noam Chomsky (Sonny Vincent) / 50 Big Rebel (Sonny Vincent And Safety Pins, The) / 51 Sick On Yesterday (Testors) / 52 Anywhere With Nicky (Sonny Vincent) / 53 Urban Shock (Sonny Vincent) / 54 Medicine Indians (Sonny Vincent) / 55 Yesterdays News (Sonny Vincent) / 56 M.K. Ultra (Testors) / 57 I Don't Care Anymore (Sonny Vincent + Rocket From The Crypt).

Sonny Vincent: vocals, guitar...1-57 / Andy: bass 57 / Bernie K (a.k.a. The Bishop): drums 15, 24, 53, 54 / Billy The Kid: background vocals 24 / Blacky: drums 43, 48, 52 / Bob Stinson: guitar and backing vocals 3 / Brian James: guitar 22 / Captain Sensible: bass 1, 4, 8, 21, 22, 23, 25, 32, 32, 45, 55 / Carol Black: backing vocals 9 / Cheetah Chrome: guitar 10, 32, 36 / Chris Gedney: bass 2, 37 / Chris Romanelli: bass 6, 19 / Cliff Roman: guitar 23 / Daniel Hutchins: bass 30 ./ Don Fleming: guitar 10 / Else Admire: guitar 48 / Eppie Hotz: drums 13, 14, 15, 18, 28, 39, 41 / Gary Taylor: drums 6, 17, 19, 20, 38, 42, 47 / Gene Sinigalliano (p.k.a. Eugene James): guitar, farfisa 27, 31, 40, 44, 51, 56 / Greg Ginn: guitar 55 / Gregory R (Gregory Lapina): drums 27 / Guanche Ros: drums 30, 50 / Ikerne 'Aiky' Gimenez: guitar 29, 50 / Jamie Garner: guitar 20, 41, 46 / Javier Escovedo: guitar 8 / Jeff Cougar: drums 30, 39, 43, 55 / Jeff Rogers: drums 7, 25, 33 / Jim Michels: bass 3, 16, 19, 37, 46 / Jimmy Warwas: bass 42, 47, 51 / John 'Speedo' Reise: guitar and backing vocals 56 / Joseph Alexander: drums 34 / Kalinka Meyer: violin, clarinet 40 / Kenneth Brighton: bass 30, 34, 39, 43, 55 / Kim Rowe: background vocals 21 / Kyle Killoran: bass 42 / Manu Lanaud: drums 46 / Marc Hacquet: bass 46 / Mario: drums 57 / Martini: bass 29, 50 / Mike Henderson: drums 3, 5, 36 / Mike Phillips: guitar 7 / Mike Sobieski: guitar 29 / Mikel Biffs: guitar 50 / Miriam Lina: drums 30 / Mort Baumann: bass, backing vocals and grunts, drumstick scraping fan grill, electric piano 5, 7, 34, 36 / Pat Todd: guitar 23 / Paul Smith: guitar 6, 19 / Poe: sax 35 / Richard Hell: bass 10 / Richard Lloyd: guitar / Rick Ballard: guitar, background vocals 22 / Robert' Derwood' Andrews: guitar 55 / Scott Asheton: drums 1, 4, 8, 10, 21,23, 25, 32, 33, 45, 49, 55 / Scott Morgan: guitar 25 / Stephan G (a.k.a. Johnny Rio): bass 16, 24, 53, 54 / Sterling Morrison: guitar 30 / Steve Baise: bass 49 / Texas Terri Bomb: background vocals 22 / Tjert Caneguortel: bass 13, 14, 15, 18, 28, 39, 41 / Tony Slug: guitar 13, 14, 15, 17, 27, 38, 40 / Victor: drums 2, 37 / Wayne Kramer: guitar 43, 52.

Sonny Vincent formed the 'Testors' in 1975 with Gene Sinigalliano (guitar) and Gregory R (drums). Later line-ups included Surealist Ron Pieniak (Rex Pharaoh) on bass, Jeff Couganour (Jeff West) on drums and Kenneth Huebner (Kenneth Brighton) on bass. They played New York clubs such as Max's Kansas City and CBGB and The Hot Club in Philadelphia with groups such as Mink DeVille, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, The Cramps and Suicide, and toured nationwide with the Dead Boys. Testors released a 7" single, "Together" b/w "Time Is Mine".
In 1981, Testors disbanded and Vincent moved to Minneapolis where he formed Sonny Vincent and The Extreme with Michael Phillips (guitar), Jeff Rogers (drums) and the late Mort Bauman (bass guitar). The group toured the U.S. and released another single, "SVE" with the songs, "Wingdale," "Top Dog" and "Phantom." The group also made the bizarre film Mannequin World on the streets of Minneapolis. It was shown on television in the Twin Cities only once, after which the host of the program remarked, "I sure hope the boss wasn't watching." In 1983, Sonny was involved in a performance art project that saw him banned from the grounds of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. During his time living in Minneapolis/St. Paul Sonny Vincent also became involved with film-making and multimedia arts.
After The Extreme disbanded Sonny Vincent went on to form other groups, such as Model Prisoners (line-up included Bob Stinson from The Replacements), Shotgun Rationale (a revolving line-up that included at one time or another Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys and Bob Stinson who incidentally were in the group together in what Sonny referred to while being interviewed as a "therapist's nightmare",another version of 'Shotgun Rationale' which toured Canada included Greg Norton of Hüsker Dü on bass. After moving from Minnesota to Holland he formed a group with two Dutch musicians called 'The Dons. Other line ups during this period were- Sonny Vincent and the Guevaras, Sonny Vincent and his Rat Race Choir (Scott Asheton - Stooges, Cheetah Chrome - Dead Boys and Captain Sensible - The Damned).

In addition to releasing over 20 albums under his own name Sonny Vincent toured and recorded for 9 years with Maureen 'Moe' Tucker of the Velvet Underground. During this time although Sonny continued to record his own albums and tour his own show he dedicated many years to Moe, recording albums with Moe and doing many tours across the United States and Europe. The line-ups Moe used were often changing although Sonny and John Sluggett were permanent members. During the recording of Moe's third album in NYC which included Lou Reed, John Cale and Sterling Morrison, Sonny encouraged Sterling to join Moe Tuckers touring band. This brought new life into the band that now included two original members of The Velvet Underground (Moe and Sterling), a member of Testors (Sonny) and Half Japanese (John). Another short lived addition to the band was Victor DeLorenzo of the Violent Femmes.
After touring with 'Moe' became less frequent Sonny recorded a new album named 'Pure Filth' with the Drummer of the Stooges Scott Asheton and Captain Sensible of the Damned. After this release. Sonny and Scott along with Steve Baise of the 'Devil Dogs' proceeded to tour the United States and Europe playing the songs from the 'Pure Filth' album and songs from Sonny's vast catalog.
2012 marked the formation of Sonny Vincent And The Bad Reactions. Sonny Vincent And The Bad Reactions toured the United States during the summer and recorded three songs, released by tREND iS dEAD! records on 7" vinyl (grab it HERE!) Currently Vincent records and performs under his own name.
In 2012, Hozac records initiates the 'Archive' branch of its label. The first release on this Hozac Records category is Sonny Vincents 'Proto- Punk' band 'Fury'. Recorded in 1972 it documents a very young Sonny Vincent amazingly shredding and wailing.
Sonny continues touring and playing his songs for audiences in Europe and the United States. Releases continue to come out on both shores on different labels. Source Wikipedia

"Playing this massive, 57-track collection all the way through is on par with running through the Stooges "Funhouse Complete Sessions" box set without the false starts and repetition. It's a marathon trip but you'll feel good you did it. A 30-year retrospective of the output of one of punk rock's eternal outsiders, it spans three weighty discs on vinyl. The paper inserts alone are a small cousin of the Saturday edition of the New York Times, exhaustively listing every line-up on every track, and the platters are thick enough to eat off. No wonder it was more than half a decade in the making. The world is reasonably well served for recent Sonny recordings. The all-star "The Good The Bad The Ugly", the Munster-issued "Hell's Kitchen" and the Testors re-issues are available, even if it involves a trawl through eBay. Earlier albums like "Cocked" and "Roller Coaster" , however, are scarce. not to mention the smattering of singles and vinyl-only offerings. "Semper Fidelis" fills some gaps and includes some surprises. For the uninitiated, it's a perfect starting point. On the surprise front, there's "Flying", a 1972 song from one of Sonny's earliest bands that's previously unheard and hints at what was to come. "Me, Myself and I" (with Sterling Morrison on guitar and original Cramp Miriam Linna providing tribal drums) is a demo put down for Moe Tucker, whose longtime band included Sonny Vincent. And if you want to get right into the minutiae, there's a 1969 cassette recording message from Sonny to the folks back home from a stint in the US Marine Corps. "Phantom" is a rarity that shows necessity to be the mother (fucker) of invention: Sonny and then band The Extreme it down in an audio store as a test of a prospective recording equipment purchase and the salesman unwittingly gets a credit as producer. The bottom line is that this collection is almost too big to absorb in one sitting. If by chance you do attempt to do so, you'll be knocked dead by the raw passion, punk rock fury and amazing consistency of Sonny Vincent's attack. The Barman I-94 Bar
Vinyl & cd can be found on Rockin' Bones or through Puke n Vomit." Source I-94 Bar

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"SONNY VINCENT - Semper Fidelis - 30 Years Anthology (1972-2002)" 3XLP, 2XCD 2008

"This is a brief outline of Sonny Vincent's history, to some it may read like the perfect script for a movie about a Rock'n'Roll desperado on his way to becoming an icon. But this story is not from any movie folks or about any media hype, it's about the real thing... A real rock'n'roll hero with the passion, the energy and the feeling. The integrity of his music is obvious in the opening notes of each and every song. The audience reaction at his live performances can only be described with words like 'possessed' 'uninhibited', 'intense' 'wild'. Born in New York City and raised on its streets and in its clubs. At age 13 he illegally lived in a girls' dorm on the campus of N.Y.U. with three female students. At 14 he played his first show in the Village. At 15 he spent some time in reform school. But all through everything always writing and performing with his 1969 Gibson Les Paul. There is a lot of history to tell such as a two year jail term for possesion of one joint, but it is all right there in the music and that's where it screams out loud and where you can find it ...all the pain as well as the excitement from someone who has lived wild and hard. As you find out more and more of the bits and pieces of his life you really feel someone could make a movie about him... but like I said its all in the music. Listen to it, youll know, too." Alain Courtre in Interpunk

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