THE FLYING PADOVANIS - They Call Them Crazy...

THE FLYING PADOVANIS Font L'Enfer 12'' ep 1982 + They Call Them Crazy lp 1987
01 Jack The Ripper / 02 Against The Fall Of Night / 03 Bumble Bee / 04 Lies / 05 Rattleshake / 06 Wipe Out / 07 Three For Trouble / 08 They Call Him Crazy / 09 The Last Bullet (Uptempo Version) / 10 No Place To Hide / 11 Western Pasta* / 12 Murder / 13 Caravan / 14 Vas Plus Haut* / 15 The Last Bullet.
Produced by The Flying Padovanis.
French guitarist Henri Padovani is forever guaranteed a footnote in rock history: he was the original guitarist in the Police, performing only on their indie debut single, "Fallout," before being replaced by Andy Summers. Following that misfire and a brief stint in Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, Padovani returned to France and formed an instrumental guitar trio called the Flying Padovanis, performing a new wave-influenced gloss on the Shadows' vintage cool. These two vinyls feature surfy-twangy guitar instrumentals played with drop-dead élan,  wisely avoids attempting to update or modernize the classic instrumental rock template. This results in solidly entertaining gems like the moody "Apache" homage "Against the Fall of Night" and nervy, speedy gems like "No Place to Hide," which would have sounded great on an old Davie Allan & the Arrows 45. You can   even find here  the trio 1981 debut single, the near-funky Ennio Morricone homage "Western Pasta." Fans of surf, twang, and other old-school instrumental rock styles are well advised to seek these low-key gems out. Source

The Flying Padovanis broke up in 1987, but 20 years later the original lineup reunited for the "Three for Trouble" compilation (HERE!) .
Henry Padovani has been in the music business for the last 30 years.
First, as a guitar player, in 1977, in London, he starts the band The Police with Stewart Copeland and Sting, then joins Wayne County and the Electric Chairs, puts together his trio the Flying Padovanis and plays with everyone, from Pete Townsend to Kim Wilde, from the Pretenders to the Jam.
In 1984, he becomes the vice president of IRS, records, Miles Copeland's label and they sign REM, Fine Young Cannibals, the Fleshtones, Wall of Voodoo, the Go-Gos, the Lords of the New Church, the Cramps,  etc etc.
En 1994, he becomes Zucchero's manager and they go on selling together more than 11 millions album.
In 2000, he stops the business.
In 2005, he writes his memoirs and signs the soundtrack of the movie "Ici Najac à vous la terre", directed by Jean Henri Meunier.
In 2006, his book "Secret Police Man" (HERE!), is released by french publisher Flammarion and "Ici Najac à vous la terre" is an official selection at the Cannes film festival. Henry also releases his first solo album "A croire que c'était pour la vie" ("When you believe it was forever"), recorded with Sting, Stewart Copeland, Manu Katché, Steve Hunter, Glen Matlock, Chris Musto (HERE!) etc...
In 2007 Henry reforms the Flying Padovanis, plays in London and all the way to Japan, goes back on stage with The Police at the Stade de France in Paris for 2 concerts in front of 160,000 screaming fans.
In 2008, Henry plays a lot in England with the Flying Padovanis, now dubbed ' the Kings of rock instrumental',  their unique blend of Link Wray tinged guitar instrumentals and works on the production of a movie, 'Rock n Roll..Of Corse!', directed by Lionel Guedj and Stephane Bebert, based on his book "Secret Police Man".

In 2009, Henry puts the finishing touches on the musics of the movie and at the end of 2009, he leaves for a month tour in Australia, Singapour and New Zealand, where he performs alone with a guitar in theaters and blues clubs. The movie is shown in a work in progress version and in world premiere in the towns where he plays.
In 2010, the movie 'Rock and roll..of Corse!', is an official selection at the Cannes film festival, where Henry goes up again the famous red carpet and burns the croisette with a Flying Padovanis concert. During the summer, the Flying Padovanis play festivals in England, Belgium and Austria.
In 2011, Henry is a jury member of the X Factor in France, on M6 tv channel, and is getting ready to record a new solo album, guitar and voice, to re release his book ' Secret police Man' in pocket format on may 5th 2011, and release the Flying Padovanis live album, recorded in July 2010 at the Victoria Park High Voltage Festival in London. Recorded on the legendary LMS mobile studio ( Quadrophenia-Who, Physical graffitti- Led Zep, Black and Blue- R.Stones), this album will released on vinyl only.
The movie 'Rock and Roll.. Of Corse!' should be released in the cinemas Spring-summer 2011... 

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THE FLYING PADOVANIS: "They Call Them Crazy..." 1982/1987 lp/cd

"This is the story of the unpredictable Corsican & the two English punks. It is a love story, a battleground, a triumph and a tragedy. This is the irresistible story of cross channel, punk rock, Entente Cordiale, and the hidden, missing musical link that joins the ragged, ‘70’s punk contenders to the ‘80’s moneyed Rock Royalty. This is the invisible, fragile thread that links The Police, Johnny Thunders, Link Wray, Pete Townsend, The UK Subs, The Stade de France, The Sex Pistols, Manu Katche, Duane Eddy, Joe Strummer, Hyde Park &…. Zucchero….!

This is the story of rock n roll’s first real “world” artists - the boys that passed the baton from punk to beyond, and who are still (against all the odds), standing firm and playing the devil’s music in your local Metropolis supercoolodrome! So welcome to the strange, unspoken world of Henry Padovani - the unpredictable Corsican (& founder of little known power punk trio, The Police), upon the occasion of his return to the spotlight with this high octane, global warming, hot rodded, instrumental, weapon of mass instruction.

With a sound drawn from the premature birth of rock n roll’s deformed firstborn – screaming, cut-throat guitars, a sub-sonic, rumbling, Neanderthal bass and a percussive attack like an avalanche in a Convent, The Padovani’s are back with their thundering, organic back beats & a stash of switch-blade, ice cool tunes that finally make sense of the EU.


From The Flying Padovanis Myspace

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