DM3 - Italian Style! Garage Sale Vol. 2

DM3  Italian Style! Garage Sale Vol. 2  cd  2001
Just Like Nancy / How Ya Feelin' / Foolish** / Know You Now / Never Be Friends / One Time Two Times Devastated / Rock And Roll Ghost / Find Out ° / Take It All* / Fairweather Friend+ / Second Floor / Falling For You / Gino's Hair Capuccino* / Foolish / Priest / Jumping To Conclusions / Love Or Mercy* / Everysince.
DM3: Dom Mariani: guitar & lead vocals / Pascal Bartolone: drums / Toni Italiano: bass & backing vocals Plus: Robbie Scorer: drums on * / Ian Campbell: guitar & backing vocals on **  / Mitch Easter: guitar on * & + / Julian Matthews: bass on *.
Consisting of 18 tracks that kick off with the rollicking Just Like Nancy and followed by How Ya Feelin' from the final DM3 sessions, the collection also contains other hard to find gems; Find Out which appeared only on the European issue of Rippled Soul, 4 live tracks from their 1994 appearance at the Roskilde Festival that include rocking versions of the Someloves classic Know You Now, the Stems' Never be Friends, and live favorites 1 Time Two Times Devastated and Foolish, covers of Brian Wilson's Love and Mercy and The Replacements Rock and Roll Ghost, alternate mixes by Mitch Easter and Jeff Murphy (The Shoes) and curious tracks like Gino's Hair Cappuccino, recorded for a proposed "Who Sell Out" tribute that never surfaced. All these make Garage Sale Vol. 2 an interesting and enjoyable listen. Source
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Merry Xmas Everybody !!!

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DM3 "Italian Style! Garage Sale Vol. 2"

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Merry Xmas Everybody !!!

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