On November 27 RS  has uncapped the download speed for non premium users.
The new model will restrict the outgoing traffic of free users to just 1 gigabyte per day while paid users will be able to share no more than 30 gigabyte per day. No transfer limits will be imposed on files that are shared with selected groups or contacts, as these files are not available to the public.
If you read RS exhausted, it means PPC public trafic (30GB) has reached its limit for the day being. The links are NOT DEAD ! You can try it the day after.
So, you won't be able to get anything via all the RS links. This is the reason why, i'm gonna try for a while some new hosts (ZS, PL or another) for the new posts and see how things get going.
No re-ups for the moment!
If nobody is satisfied, this will be the end of SOTD.

Le 27 novembre, RS a mis en place de nouvelles mesures:
1 Go/jour pour les membres gratuits,
30 Go/jour pour les abonnés, c.a.d 30 Go pour 24 heures sur tous les fichiers présents sur SOTD
Selon RS, cette nouvelle politique ''a pour avantage de réduire le piratage de masse'' (on admire au passage le cynisme).
Les re-ups sont stoppés jusqu'à ce qu'un host fiable soit trouvé

A suivre...

14 commentaires:

DEE DEE a dit…

The end of SOTD is something I don't wanna hear about so please, don't give up (I know everybody is a little depressed actually with these roadablocks rapidshare and co are throwning up in our way (not to talk about the rest: economics, etc.)) We need you, man!

Anonyme a dit…

Don t Let These New Crappy Rapidshare Rules Destroy Your Great Blog.
In My Opinion,ZippyShare Is Great For Free Users And FileFactory Is Perfect For Big FLAC Files For Premium Users.
Lastly,It s Not A Big Deal For Anyone Who Loves Music To Get FileFactory Premium And D/L All These Gems,Not Only Here But From Many Great Bloggers Who Use It Already.
Thanks For All You Do So Far.

Garageland a dit…

are you jokin' !!!! this isn't the time to give up. where there's a will, there's a way. keep on posting

dani b a dit…

I hope this wont be the end for SOTD. I have discovered great bands thanks to it.

Anonyme a dit…

why not just become a rapidshare premium member?

puzz a dit…

Dude, I can't believe what I'm hearing, please don't call it a day, Sons of the Dolls is one of the true champions of the blogoshere, It will never die!

back to the oldies a dit…

J'espère comme le disent certains que ce n'est pas la fin de SOTD...

Mediafire est un bon host, apres j'en sais pas plus, je post aussi sur un blog US que tu dois connaitre (shotgun solution), il passe par mediafire, et no soucy, ca roule

Anonyme a dit…

At Anonyme:
Because Rapidshare Gives Only 30 GB Public Traffic For Premium Users And You Can Imagine This Can t Work For The Bloggers Around.

Anonyme a dit…

la retraite ???????????

Anonyme a dit…

mediafire est ok !! mais bon ya une limite pour les fichiers ,pas + de 100 mo il me semble .

vive "sons of the dolls" !!!!


Rockandre a dit…

Hi, everyone.I'm back from my cave!I am very grateful to Mr Midnight Rambler for the hours of listening pleasure. I think most of us are aware of the time and care that it involves. Please, keep up the good job! The end of SOTD is something I don't even want to consider! A huge THANK YOU from Mongolia!

Anonyme a dit…

zippyshare.com is OK and fast for free users.
Ask blogger "Burning Flames From Under The Ashes" which uses it for more info if you need it.


Zippyshare = 200 MB per file...
I'm around 300 to 500 MB: it means 2 or 3 uploads
Netkups seems better: the upload is not too long & it's the same for the download without a premium account

Anonyme a dit…


Good luck.

ps : this captcha is godamn hard to decipher.