ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN We Will Bury You! 2xcd 2003
CD 1: Wild In The Streets (Garland Jeffreys) / High Voltage (AC/DC) / Out There (F-Word) / Not For Sale (Girlschool) / Sex & Dying (X) / Borneo Jimmy (Dictators) / Savage (Fun Things) / Your Emotions (Dead Kennedys) / 1977 (Clash) / Just Like Your Mom (Vox Pop) / She's My Bitch (Supersuckers) / Frustation (Crime) / Plastique (DRI) / Aces High (Iron Maiden) / I Was A Punk Before You Was A punk (The Tubes) / Home Of The Brave (Naked Raygun).
CD 2: Runnin' With The Boss Sound (Generation X) / The Chain (Fleetwood Mac) / Third Generation Nation (Dead Boys) / Sick As A Dog (Aerosmith) / We Are The Road Crew (Motörhead) / Rock 'N' Roll is Dead (Rubinoos) / Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) / Tattoo Vampire (Blue Öyster Cult) / Frankenstein (New York Dolls) / Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) / Cocaïne Blues (TP Arnold/Johnny Cash) / Don't Touch Me, I'm Electric (Bill Nelson's Red Noise) / Over At Frankenstein's Place (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show) / Queen Wasp (The Misfits) / Coolest Little Monster (John Zacherle).
Produced by Electric Frankenstein & & K. Lacatena.
Electric Frankenstein: Steve Miller: vocals / Sal Canzonieri: guitar / Drew Benfante: bass / Mike Lincoln: drums.
Electric Frankenstein is an American band from Whippany, Clifton, and other areas of New Jersey. Their music is generally considered punk rock, but includes elements of hard rock and Heavy Metal as well. Because of this, they have sometimes been referred to as AC/DC meets The Dead Boys - high energy punk rock & roll that combines the raw and energetic sounds of Punk Rock and Garage Punk (Dead Boys, Ramones, Damned, Misfits, etc.) with elements of Hard Rock played by bands like MC5, Stooges, AC/DC, Kiss, Mott the Hoople, Alice Cooper, and so on.
This gargantuan 31-track Double CD release collects all of EF' s cover songs from the first 10 years of the band's monstrous history. "We Will Bury You" truly reflects the eclectic mix of EF's influences as a band. From the obscurest of Punk (F-Word, Crime, Fun Things), to Stadium Rock and Heavy Metal (AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Blue Oyster Cult), to the just plain unexpected (Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac): all of the band's heroes are paid homage to on this release.
Dedicated to André, a SOTD friend in Mongolia ! Thanks...

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ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN "We Will Bury You!" 2xcd 2003

The punk revival quintet Electric Frankenstein comprised singer Steve Miller, guitarists Jim Foster and Sal Canzonieri, bassist Donato Canzonieri and drummer Rob Sefcik. Formed in New York during the mid-1990s, the group first garnered attention with a series of singles on indie labels including Demolition Derby, Frisbee, Get Hip and Estrus, also making any number of compilation appearances; their first full-length, Electric Frankenstein Conquers the World, followed in 1996. A year later, Electric Frankenstein returned with Sick Songs and The Time Is Now; Listen Up Baby and Spare Parts appeared in 1998, and the group's prolific output continued in 1999 with How to Make a Monster. Dawn of Electric Frankenstein, an album featuring a collection of bands that influenced Electric Frankenstein followed a year later; another studio effort Annie's Grave and Touch Me I'm Electric both appeared in early 2001.

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