PERSONALITY CRISIS Texas Trash cd 1994
Debutante Dolly / Lester Blues / Lone Star Loretta / Parts Unknown / Trouble Again / Holly Baby / Shot Down / I Don't Wanna Know / Those Days Are Gone / Long Way To Go / Take Us Down / One Track Mind.
Produced by W. Dunivan.
Personality Crisis: D. Carpenter: guitar / W. Dunivan: vocals / D. P. West: bass / D. Bloching: drums.
Personality Crisis was a glam rock band from Houston, Texas during the 90's. Fronted by W. Dunivan, who will be, a little later, the singer of Pure Rubbish, a band created with his two sons...
For Dolls & Thunders fans !!!
"...If you’ve been around the Tejas music scene in the last few decades, you have probably come across a project fronted by Willie D. Over the years, you may have seen him perform with or share the stage with such recovering alcoholics as Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys, Motörhead, Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls, Michael Bruce of Alice Cooper Band, Joe Ely, and plenty of other burnouts from bands such as Guns'n'Roses, The Ramones, Hanoi Rocks, The Dogs D’Amour, and lots more. He fronted ’90s Houston staple Personality Crisis, as well as inspired me and my brother Derek to pick up some instruments and start a band we had for years called Pure Rubbish. My dad fronted that band for many years as well..." Source

Pure Rubbish began in 1995 when brothers Derek (guitar) and Evan (drums) Dunivan were only 11 and 9 years old. The young Dunivan brothers were self-taught musicians and learned to play their instruments by listening to records. They recruited their dad Willie Dunivan on lead vocals in late 1995. Willie, at 34, was already a veteran musician of the local Houston music scene with his own band Personality Crisis as well as stints in short lived bands including Cheetah Chrome Project with the former Dead Boys guitarist and Michael Bruce Band with the former Alice Cooper Band guitarist. Willie Dunivan's earliest bands included the 1980s rock bands Apeshit and Hip Cat's Alley and he also played drums for the Houston 1990s punk band Stinkerbell. A charismatic frontman and great songwriter, Willie D. was responsible for launching Pure Rubbish into reality. Musically, the Dunivan brothers were exposed to a wide range of influences. Their main influences were 1960's & 1970's rock, 1970's glam, and 1970's punk rock, but also absorbed the music of 1950's rock n roll, blues, r & b, and 1950's & 1960's country. These influences were culled from years of sifting through Willie's huge music collection. The band's sound was self labeled "trash rock" and "glam punk" and was a combination of all their musical influences. Source
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cd 1994

"Willie's old band Personality Crisis were great in the Rolling Stones/New York Dolls mold. The Personality Crisis "Texas Trash" album is a classic of Texas rock n roll and is a shame that more people have not heard that album."Glitzine

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Greats bands, great music, great blog. Cheers.


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Pure Rubbish Glamerous Youth (320)


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And here we go again! Another great recording by another great band!Thank you, MR and SOTD!

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great album. thanks for you hard work.

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is the correct link for Pure Rubbish SORRY!!

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I have to admit that i never heard of this band. You make me curios to listen them.

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I saw Personality Crisis in Austin in about 1995. They played where I worked - the Hole in the Wall. I saw the name on the marquee and thought they better do the Dolls some justice with a name like that. . .and I ended up trading them a couple of pitchers of beer for a couple of CDs which I still have. I think some friends of mine toured with them as the Lone Star Queens.