THE FARMERS Loaded cd 2005
Lost in My Car / Brujo / Look into Your Eyes / Hard Knot / Shadows of Glory / Impressed / Sunbeam Lake / Watching the River / Uncle Stinky / Walk It Away / What Would Skalman Do? / Beans N' Weenies.
Produced by S.E. Seaholm.
The Farmers: B. Blue: vocals, guitars, banjo, harp / J. B. Kmak: drums, percussions, background vocals / R. Love: bass / J. Raney: vocals, guitars + S. Poltz: background vocals / S. Roper: electric mandolin / S.E. Seaholm: keys, background vocals, guitar.
In 1984, Billboard tagged the Beat Farmers "the best American band to come down the pike since Creedence." Last year, No Depression said they "meshed together with grit and nerve every good style of American music with greater versatility than the Blasters or Rank & File." After 20 years, founding members B. Blue, J. Raney and R. Love have finally reunited under the abbreviated name, The Farmers, to record a new album of chooglin' country rock, throbbin' swamp blues and meltdown psychedelia.
"There are great things about this album. The interplay between the musicians is fantastic, and Buddy Blue's slide guitar weaves in and out of the mix, bringing a lot of songs that tasty "Tales of the New West/Glad'n'Greasy" feel that made it such a terrific record. Blue and Raney's vocals are as clear, emotive, and expressive as they ever were on those early BF albums, and the songwriting is good, if only occasionally inspired." Source

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THE FARMERS "Loaded" cd 2005

"Musically, it flirts with that early Farmers sound, but more often occupies that territory the Blasters used to stake out. Infectious honky-tonk blues with a twang that really brings out the fun in the Farmers..."

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rock n roll ????

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I'm a fan! Thank you, MR!