THE OLYMPIC SIDEBURNS - The Olympic Sideburns

THE OLYMPIC SIDEBURNS The Olympic Sideburns lp+free ep* 1985
Billy° / Fast Eddy / Drunkyard / Have Love Will Travel° / Lies / Red Hot Woman / Speedway / Rock Out / Help Me° / Black Truck / I've Been Away* / 13th Floor* / 7 And 7 Is* / Fire It Up*.
Produced by the Olympic Sideburns & P. Archer.
The Olympic Sideburns: P. "Jex" Byron: vocals / D."Georges" Spencer: guitar / M. Frawley: guitar / P. Newman Bryant: bass / P. Brophy: drums + J. Williams: organ°

"The Melbourne, inner-city independent scene of the early 1980s was besotted by the earthy sounds of the seminal Birthday Party, The Cramps, The Stooges, Captain Beefheart and the solo Alex Chilton. The combination of Americanised garage-punk, swamp blues, 1950s rockabilly, 1960s psychedelia and voodoo imagery produced a mutant strain of music that came to be known as shockabilly or psychobilly.
Melbourne's foremost exponents in the shockabilly stakes included the likes of Olympic Sideburns, Corpse Grinders, Tombstone Hands and Sacred Cowboys. Olympic Sideburns, who came together in late 1982, added a rock'n'roll edge to proceedings. The original line-up did not last long: by the start of 1983 Jones had relocated to Sydney with The Johnnys; he was replaced initially by Jimmy Williams and later in the year by Maurice Frawley (ex-Paul Kelly and the Dots). Likewise, Allen and McEwan were replaced by Paul Bryant (ex-Corporate Body) and Chuck Meo (ex-Dorian Gray) respectively. The new line-up recorded the Drunkyard mini-album at the end of 1983 (issued May 1984), after which Meo was replaced by Maurice Molletta.
The new line-up recorded the single `13th Floor'/`Fire It Up', `She's Comin' Home' and (after Hill left) the debut, full-length album Olympic Sideburns. Olympic Sideburns also shared a gig giveaway single with Corpse Grinders `7 and 7 is'/ `I Eat Babies'

By the time the album came out in May 1985, Philip Brophy (ex-ÄìÄ) had replaced Molletta on drums (Brophy was given drumming credit on the album instead of Molletta). According to the band, Olympic Sideburns went on to sell 25000 copies worldwide. Towards the end of 1985, Calum McAlpine (ex-Chosen Few, Rah Rah the Flag) replaced Brophy, which resulted in the most stable line-up of the band's history..."
I. McFarlane in "Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop"
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THE OLYMPIC SIDEBURNS: "The Olympic Sideburns"

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