THE DARK RAGS - Drunken Angel EP

THE DARK RAGS Drunken Angel EP ep 2010
Drunken Angels / The Sun Shines / On Your Own (All Alone) / Bad Juju Blues / It's A Shame (Such A Shame).
Produced by The Dark Rags.
The drunk & burned Rags are: DD: vocals, guitars / Tolis: guitars / Sidny Sinz: bass, backing vocals / L.A: drums, percussion.
The Dark Rags Started out in may of 2010 when singer/guitarist DD asked drummer L.A and bassist Sidny Sinz to join and help him out for an "acoustic" set he was doing as a support act for a fellow band... after the three got together, the word acoustic was never mentioned again.
Three rehearsals later, The Dark Rags (who at the time hadn't really thought of a name yet) were on stage performing their first show. Following that drunken fine evening, the three decided to keep it going, thought of their name which was taken from a Jacobites song, titled "All The Dark Rags" , and regrouped in September to continue frolicking, and about seven rehearsals later, they were in the studio recording their first E.P. - the 5 tracks "Drunken Angel EP" which was released the following month.

Soon after that, the Dark Rags were joined by guitarist Tolis and the sound was set. Not being strangers to the scene, all the members of the group being former members of other well known Athens underground bands, the Dark Rags quickly started playing shows in numerous events with audience responses being far more enthusiastic than expected. Also "Drunken Angels EP" has gathered constant airplay on major FM and internet radio station, with the band doing numerous radio interviews as well.
With influences spanning from the Sunnyboys to Social Distortion, via Johnny Thunders and the Reigning Sound, the Dark Rags are best described as a garage band with a diverse set spanning from catchy pop tunes to heartbroken junky ballads and in-your-face straight up rock'n'roll.
The Dark Rags plan to record a full L.P around March of 2011.

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THE DARK RAGS "Broken Angels"

A download approved by the band !
Check this EP if you like real rock'n'roll !!!


The SOFD crew thanks the band for sending their music to the blog !

Anonyme a dit…

1000 THX to the band


Capitain Poon a dit…

I don't know this band, but your recomendations are ever good!!!


Sorry for the wrong title dd !!!

The Dark Rags a dit…

Hey hey, thanks for all!! no worries for the title!! Rock On! Cheers

jeffen a dit…

Great post!

Great music

Thanks to all involved!