THE SEWERGROOVES - Three Time Losers

THE SEWERGROOVES Three Time Losers cd 1999
Whole Again / Starsong / Dead Letter River / Sonic Love / Could've Been Dead / Lizard Shot / Two Time Loser° / My Heroine.
Produced by A. Shit.
The Sewergrooves: Kurt: guitar, vocals / Andreas: bass / Robert: drums + B.Fet: piano & A. Shit: lead guitar on°
Sewergrooves, a rock ’n’ roll band from Stockholm, Sweden, deliver soulful rock in a way that is quite unique for bands today. Someone once made a comparison between the band and drinking coffee: The first time you may not quite get it but after the second and third time you’re truly hooked.
These guys are for real - you can clearly hear the blood, sweat and hard work that are in the vein of the band. These disciples of all things heavy pound the graves of Radio Birdman, early Urge Overkill and Thin Lizzy then proceed to wash it all down with a curdled cocktail of motor city septic tank backwash. But this trip ain't just about ragged ass raw power. The Sewergrooves also dish out ample gobs of both melody and hooks with their thunder. During their 15 years as a band they’ve released 5 full length albums and like a million 7"s. They’ve toured Europe countless times and released albums in Australia and the US.
Now in 2010 it’s finally time for another album, "Trouble Station" (buy it here!), the boys’ 6th album. An album that needed over 2 years to complete, but goddamn am I glad they took their time! Coz it is a fantastic collection of great songs, and the band are more intense and soulful than ever. Source
Folks, this is the real stuff!

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THE SEWERGROOVES "Three Time Losers"

New lp "Trouble Station" out soon on Sounds Of Subterrania !

Anonyme a dit…

1 nouveau lp
ca c une tres bonne nouvelle


4 strongs winds and 7 seas a dit…

Salut depuis l'espagne!Je suis tombe sur ton blog par hazard,et j'aime bien les Sewergrooves, mais c'est surtout pour te remercier de m'avoir fait decouvrir le livre de Graham Parker de qui je suis gran fan!
Si tu veux passer par mon blog , tu est bienvenue!