RAMONES - Pet Sematary

SINGLES: RAMONES Pet Sematary 12'' EP 1989
Pet Sematary (single version)° / Sheena Is A Punk Rocker */ Life Goes On**.
°Produced by J. Beauvoir & D. Rey - * Produced by T. Bongiovi & T. Erdelyi - Produced by Ramones & D. Rey.
** Not contained in the motion picture "Pet Sematary"
Ramones: Joey Ramone: lead vocals / Johnny Ramone: guitar / Dee Dee Ramone: bass, backing vocals / Richie Ramone: drums, backing vocals / Tommy Ramone: drums.
That was in 1980, and the decline in critical acclaim and die-hard following that commenced with End Of The Century continued throughout the rest of the decade and a succession of mostly slick-sounding albums, during which Marky quit and subsequently rejoined the group. The one exception, at least in commercial terms, was the theme song to Stephen King's 1989 horror movie hit, Pet Sematary, wriiten by Dee Dee and sometime-Ramones producer Daniel Rey. Although dismissed by certain hardcore fans because of its relatively polished, film-oriented patina, this still stands as a bona-fide Ramones classic, one that garnered plenty of US radio play while peaking at number four on Billboard's 'Modern Rock Tracks' chart. As such, it was arguably the band's last hurrah.

"I remember Howard Stern playing it on his radio show while I was driving one morning and I heard him call it his record of the year," says Fernando Kral, who engineered the song at New York City's Sigma Sound Studios alongside producer Jean Beauvoir. "Still, I have to admit I was surprised it did as well as it did. Sure, the production was good and so was the guys' playing, but they weren't giving the fans a traditional Ramones record. A case of 'This is a risky move, let's see what happens.' The safety net was that it was for a film soundtrack, and when the film did well at the box office, the song did well, too." Source

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RAMONES "Pet Sematary"
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