COYOTE SHIVERS - 1/2 A Rock & Roll Record

COYOTE SHIVERS 1/2 A Rock & Roll Record cd 1999
Plus One / Secretly Jealous / You're Mine / Something Happens / You Piss Me Off.
Coyote Shivers: voice, guitar, piano / Casper, Dagon, L. Agnelli: bass / S. Sinnicks, C. Stewart, J. Pedler & B. Ficca: drums.
Toronto-born singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer Coyote Shivers began his musical career while he was still a teenager, producing singles and albums for Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, including the single "Having an Average Weekend," which became the theme for the cult favorite TV show The Kids in the Hall. He then played with the experimental group Sharkskin and moved from L.A. to Amsterdam to New York City, where he joined the Conspiracy, the first non-Soviet band to release material on the Soviet state-run label Melodiya. Shivers released his first critically acclaimed, self-titled solo album in 1996 on Mutiny Records with the assistance of Billy Ficca (Richard Hell, Television) and Jack Pedler on drums.He opened for Kiss on their reunion tour that same year. He also appeared in the films Johnny Mnemonic, Empire Records -- the soundtrack of which features the Shivers single "Sugarhigh" - and Smut.
Shivers released also several limited-edition CD singles, the EP "1/2 A Rock & Roll Record" & his last record "Gives It To Ya. Twice" in 2004 on Foodchain Records is a double CD.
"Imagine if Johnny Thunders shot up bubble gum instead of heroin and you'd have Coyote Shivers" B. Edmunds - Mojo Magazine "
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