STREET BRATS - See You At The Bottom...

STREET BRATS See You At The Bottom... cd 2005
Seventy-Seven Fallen Angels / We’re Alright / Destination Nowhere / North Side Story / Southbound / Your Future / I Remember / Mind Control / Born Rejected / Lean On Me (One Life One Love).
Produced by The Street Brats.
Street Brats: Max: vocals, guitar / Ugly: guitar / Rick: bass / Jordan: drums.
The Street Brats are a Chicago punk rock band, plain and simple. They do not like being generalized into any specific category, but their music seems to fall somewhere between the lines of more ‘77 influenced punk like The Vibrators and the Ramones with hints of harder bands like Slaughter and the Dogs and Stiff Little Fingers. No one can deny how catchy and anthemic the Street Brats music is, with tinges of Mike Ness and Joe Strummer as well. They are regarded as the best punk combo to come out of Chicago's mean streets since the glory days of Naked Raygun, with enough hooks, guitar twists, and sing-a-longs to satisfy anyone that's bored with all the watered down retro crap that's passing as ‘77 punk these days.
The great thing about the Street Brats’ sound is it defies any one particular punk rock genre. There is a bit of everything in the songs, and you can tell the boys are a widely influenced bunch. You put a Street Brats’ record on before your big date, the same reason you play the Ramones. You put it on while driving in your car, the same reason you play Social Distortion. And you put it on before your big fight with the high school jock, during the fight, and when you are the winner. They are the soundtrack to your good time.
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STREET BRATS "See You At The Bottom..."
Back from Corsica...just need a real punk record !!!

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1 foto du lineaire ? ! ?

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great record. Thanks!

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ah bravo !
tu finiras sans nationalite si tu continues comme ca

B Heartenfeu 77

jeffen a dit…

This one kicks some ass - good call!