MOCKING BIRDS - Contradictions

MOCKING BIRDS Contradictions cd 1996
I'm Lost / The Navel / Lowdown / Down In The Dumbs / Hopeless Case / No Remorse / Hectic Life / Contradictions / Hardcore.
Produced by Mocking Birds.
Mocking Birds: L. Madera: bass / M. Herin: guitar & vocals / O. Vieillefond: guitar / P. Smolarski: drums + E. Martin: harmonica.
"Based on a mixture of Rock'n'Roll, Garage and Pop (No Europop honest!), with a hint of Punk on stage. That's a short summary of how the Mocking Birds would explain their style. The group's made up of three French lads who sing in English (so they deserve a bit of a break).
Some of the group's main influences are The Beatles, David Bowie and the Spider from Mars, The Doors, Stray Cats, Television, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Joy Division. This may go some way to explaining their rough and ready style both in concert and on record. After their first album "Contradictions" then second album second album "Ascendancy" and over 100 concerts the Mocking Birds or their, they have new song... The end ring on may 2000." Source
"Mélodiques et insolents, le groupe Mocking Birds frappait juste à chaque fois en battant des ailes dans la volière Power Pop endormie......
Une nouvelle trajectoire était en cours... Le groupe s'est arrêté en mai 2000 après une année de réflexion." Source More...
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MOCKING BIRDS "Contradictions"

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