SABRE JET - Same Old Brand New

SABRE JET Same Old Brand New cd 2000
1 Same Old Brand New / 2 Never Trust A Blonde / 3 Ramona / 4 That's Not Really What Love's All About / 5 No Justice /6 Getting By / 7 Just Be True / 8 Something I Can't Give Away / 9 Pawn Shop / 10 Rats / 11 E26 / 12 All Your Lovin'.
Produced by Andy Scott (of Sweet) & Kris Gray.
Sabre Jet: D. Bath: guitars & vocals / P. Kirkham: bass / R. Newman: bass.
+ Honest John Plain: backing vocals (1,4,5,7,9 &10) / I. Gibbons: keyboards (1,2,3,8,9 & 11) / C. Bollano: mariachi toms (3) / C. Bradford: backing vocals (8) / Tiggy: backing vocals (2) / A. Scott & K. Gray: backing vocals (3 & 8).
"Not quite sure why this CD is credited to Sabre Jet - but this is indeed the long promised Darrell Bath solo album! It was produced by Andy Scott (The Sweet) and Kris Gray - and features Ian Gibbons (keyboards), Richie Newman (Tracie Hunter Band) and Paul Kirkham (bass). Honest John Plain is also helping out on some tracks..." Source

"Since picking up guitar in 1980 he found a way onto the scene via local punk groups,leading to a stint with U.K.subs('87-90) Touring with Die toten hosen leads to forming Crybabys with Honest John Plain(90-?).Joins Dogs D'amour playing on top30 album 'More Unchartered Heights Of Disgrace'(93) as the years progress he works for Ian Hunter recording "Dirty laundry" and "Artful Dodger" and tours with him until 2000.The following years see him working with artists like Ed Tudorpole and Nikki Sudden, as well as releasing his own solo stuff 'Sabre Jet'(2ooo) and "Love and Hurt"(2001).Darrell continues to write and play live...so there!. " Source
Complete discography in comments.
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SABRE JET "Same Old Brand New"
Produced by Andy Scott of The Sweet (remember "Ballroom Blitz" & all the other hits ...)

Check the discography of D. Bath and you will see his importance in rock'n'roll !

"Love & Hurt" (2001 & 2010 + remastered with 2 bonus tracks)
With Sabre Jet:
- "Same Old Brand New" (2000)
With The Crybabys:
- "The Crybabys" (1991)
- "Rock On Sessions" (1999)
- "Daily Misery" (2002)
- "What Kind Of Rock'N'Roll?" (2003)
With The Dogs D'Amour:
- "More Of Unchartered Heights Of Disgrace" (1993)
With Honest John Plain:
- "Honest John Plain And Friends" (1996)
With Tyla:
- "Life & Times Of A Ballad Monger" (1994)
- "Gothic" (1997)
With The U.K. Subs:
- "Japan Today" (1987)
- "Thunderbird Wine" (1988)
- "Mad Cow Fever" (1991)
- "Live In Paris" (1997)
With Ian Hunter:
- "Red Letter Day" (1994)
- "Ian Hunter's Dirty Laundry" (1995)
- "The Artful Dodger" (1996)
With Die Toten Hosen:
- "Learning English Vol.1" (1991)
With Spike (Quireboys):
- "Take Out Some Insurance" (1995)
With Rene Berg:
- "The Leather, The Loneliness And Your Dark Eyes" (1992)

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plz upload again. already been downloaded 10 times so need to be uploaded again.
been looking for this a long time.
keep up the good work on the blog


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The third track, "Ramona," is credited to Matheson/Steel. Is this some Hollywood Brats song that I never heard before?

Thanks for this post. Bath is like a rock'n'roll Forrest Gump, showing up everywhere!

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Hey Midnight Rambler, I was looking for some more Darrell Bath stuff after this post, and I found this italian blog "Angels From Hell...Devils From Heaven."

Tons of Hanoi Rocks and Dogs D'Amour, collecting not just live bootlegs but all the different versions of 7" singles released in different countries.

Some of the links are only in 128kbps, but there is a lot of cool shit I haven't seen elsewhere.

It's not my blog or anything, but I thought you might dig it, or find something you've been looking for.

The address is:
www (dot) gimpo-angelsfromhelldevilsfromheaven (dot) blogspot (dot) com

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His work is real familiar but his name is new to me...

very cool... Willy DeVille Cub Koda kind of groove with a soupcon Gilby Clark or even Ward Dotson... all wrapped in a bubbleglam candy shell...

enjoying a lot