THE VIBRATORS 1 - 1976/1977 The Demos

THE VIBRATORS 1976-1977 The Demos 1994 Dojo records 320 kbps

1- We wibrate /2- Say mama /3- Dance to the music /4- Young lust /5- She's bringing you down /6- Interstellar overdrive-Day tripper /7- Andy Warhol /8- Ready steady go /9- I can see it in your eyes /10- I love her /11- He's a psycho /12- Feel alright /13- But I do /14 Flying duck theory /15- Stitch you up /16- Dong /17- Front line Europe /18- Sometimes I want it so bad /19- City of mirrors /20- Public ennemy N°1 /21- 24 hour people /22- Eye witness .

The Vibrators : Eddie : drums on all tracks , lead vocals on tracks 4 / Knox : guitars on all tracks , lead vocals on tracks 2 , 3 , 5-7 , 11-12 , 15 , 17-22 / John Ellis : guitars on tracks 1-21 , lead vocals on tracks 8 , 14 , 16 / Pat Collier : bass on tracks 1-14 , lead vocals on tracks 1 , 10 , 13 / Gary Tibbs : bass on tracks 15-22 / Dave Birch : guitar on track 22 / Don Snow : keyboards on track 22 .

One of punk rock's longest running bands, the Vibrators emerged from the UK punk scene in 1976 and quickly found themselves sharing the stage with such notable acts as the Sex Pistols. Their initial releases were minor hits in England, and the band was able to weather frequent lineup changes, which started with bassist Pat Collier's exit in 1977, until 1980 when the band called it quits after two superb lp's "Pure mania" & "V2" . But, as with most UK punk acts, reformation was in the cards. The original lineup came back together in 1982 and released the LPs "Guilty" and "Alaska 127". This original lineup of Ian Conochan, Pat Collier, John Ellis, and Eddie the Drummer was hit again with more turnover during the 1980s and 1990s. By the time of the band's 20th anniversary, Mikcie Owen (guitar), Mark Duncan (bass), Nigel Bennet (guitar), Darrell Bath (guitar), and Nick Peckham (bass) had all been associated with the Vibrators. In 1999, the more stable three-piece lineup of the band made their way across America . While most of their albums in the 1980s and 1990s were overlooked, the early catalog was enough to keep them fueled for more than 20 years. The last Vibrators albums are : "Buzzin","Energizze" & "Punk : the early years" .

If you are a fan of the early Vibrators or the punk/pup rock connection then this is the CD for you. The first 22 tracks are the infamous '76/'77 Demos. The Chris Spedding/pub rock influnce is apparent in tracks like "We Vibrate", while tunes like "Stich You Up" are performed in classic punk/Vibrators style. My only gripe with this CD is that the vocals are a little low, but the energy and passion is stellar. This CD containes classic songs as well as very rare never heard before song .

Thanks to Manu for music & scans !

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THE VIBRATORS : The 1976/77 Demos 320 kbps + arwork
Thanks to Manu for scans & music !

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Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf a dit…

Cheers for this midnight rambler, you've made a right wet and misserable day in Britain a lot brighter for me, was missing this from my Vibrators collection, one of my fave bands of all time. Thanx again.

Hank a dit…

Great great fun, thanks a lot!!!


Thanks Nuzz !
It's one of my fave bands also !
"Pure mania" & "V2" are masterpieces but I have a weakness for "Recharged" ! Besides I'm looking for the cd version of "Recharged" ...

vex_voxtone a dit…

Knox is one hell of a guy!!!
I saw them couple of times when they played in zagreb and one time I talked to Knox and asked him about his work with Hanoi Rocks in Fallen Angels ... he loved that collaboration alot and was very sad when Razzle was killed in that car accident. Vibrators will always be one of the coolest RNR bands of all times ... LET'S VIBRATEEEE !!!!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf a dit…

Aaah! the first FALLEN ANGELS album is in my opinion one of the best records ever! I know there's tons of other great stuff out there that's been released over the years, but I love that album. Knox is deffinetly one of the nice guys, having met him a couple of times over the years. If got a CD copy of Recharged it's also got Fifth Ammendment album with it, if yer interested MR?

Anonyme a dit…

I saw the Vibrators in Hamilton, Ontario in 2005 and they still kicked ass after almost 30 years. Some of the fans who turned up for the gig were pretty close to retarded level. I was almost embarrassed for the Southern Ontario punk scene, but the band was great and very cool to talk to after the show. Thanks for posting this!